Belgrade Book Fair featured for the first time this year at the International Book Fair in Beijing, held on August 24 – 28, at the Chinese capital. At this cultural event, featuring Serbian culture, literature and publishing, Serbia was the Guest of Honor along with East European countries.

The Belgrade Book Fair was promoted at the Serbia stand and a film projection about this event tradition and range was organized, as well. A book about this most important cultural Belgrade Fair event was also presented to the visitors. Contribution to the promotion was provided also by many Chinese publishers and writers, representatives of their Associations, culture institutions and media. The Belgrade Book Fair presentation in China was attended also by Mr. Vladan Vukosavljević, Minister of Culture, our people living in China and great interest in this event was shown also by other visitors.

Under support of Ministry of Culture and Information and the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Beijing, Belgrade Fair organized also many meetings with other exhibitors, representatives of various international cultural institutions, Associations and Book Fairs. The objective of these bilateral meetings was enriching of Belgrade Book Fair exhibiting program and the enhancement of cultural exchange of Serbia with the world.

The Beijing International Book Fair attendance showed once more Belgrade Book Fair contributed significantly to our country and culture reputation abroad.