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A “Hell” of a week at the Fair: Five top exhibitions in six days

The last week of November and the beginning of December at the Belgrade Fair will be marked by five exceptionally diverse trade fair events of high international reputation and significance. Over just six trade fair days, visitors will be able to learn about the latest achievements and trends in energy, ecology, medicine and dentistry, ethnic food and beverages, and

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Open Energy, Ecofair and 112 Expo: Joy and benefit

On Tuesday the 23rd of November, in Hall 2 of the Belgrade Fair, the ceremonial opening of three traditional fairs of international rank was held: the 16th International Energy Fair, the 17th International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair and the 42nd International Fair of Prevention and Emergency Response and Safety at

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Energy, Ecology and 112 EXPO, from the 23rd to the 25th of November

The 16th International Energy Fair, the 17th International Fair of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources – EcoFair and the 42nd International Fair of Prevention and Emergency Situation Response and Safety and Health at Work, will be held from the 23rd to the 25th of November, in hall 2 of the Belgrade Fair.

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Offical Opening of Energy, Ecology and iSEC Fair

The Fifteenth International Energy Fair, the 16th International Ecology and Environmental Fair – Ecofair and the 7th International Smart Technology Fair – iSEC officially opened its gates on Wednesday, 2 October 2019 in Hall 1 at Belgrade Fair. The opening of these events was attended by numerous government officials, businessmen, guests, exhibitors and visitors.

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An Outstanding Professional Accompanying Energy, Ecology and iSEC Program

The core activity of expert accompanying program at this year’s Energy, Ecology and iSEC fairs is a three-day expert conference entitled “Chapter 27 – Where to Next” (the chapter referring to environmental protection during the course of the EU accession negotiation process)

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NETINVEST is a company specialized in both development and design engineering of renewable energy facilities. It offers consulting services that cover all stages of investment decision-making, development of general projects and previous feasibility studies, as well as development of Preliminary and Detailed designs complete with Feasibility Studies, as well as full support over the course of building construction and exploitation

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BIOGAS ASSOCIATION is a representative association of over 30 members and 14 biogas plants of total installed capacity exceeding 14.4 MW, as well as of other institutions and companies directly or indirectly connected to either this technology or construction of biogas power plants . Biogas Association is an active partner of German Association Fachverband Biogas e.V., but also a member

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ATB SEVER is one of the oldest factories for the production of rotary electric machines in Southeast Europe. Today, this company boasts with 95 years of experience in the production of electric motors and generators.

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SKF is the leading global technology supplier since 1907. Company’s basic power is the capability of continuous development of new technologies and then their application in the product creation which provide competitive advantages to the clients.

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Mikro Kontrol

MIKRO KONTROL is primarily specialized in industrial automation and management systems. The company offers also engineering services for a wider scope of electrical works and it can fully finalize the projects up to 35 KW.

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Energy, Environment and Protection, a Cocktail that Should Not Be Refused

The signal for start of the incredible exhibition October at Belgrade Fair will be given by the outstanding trio of representative events – 14th International Energy Fair, 15th International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair and 41st International Security Fair – 112 EXPO.

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