SKF is the leading global technology supplier since 1907. Company’s basic power is the capability of continuous development of new technologies and then their application in the product creation which provide competitive advantages to the clients. This is accomplished by personal experience combination in more than 40 industries with our knowledge through technological platforms of SKF company: bearings or bearing units, sealants, mechatronics, service and lubrication system. SKF has got offers and experiences in energy companies all over the world, whether it is a new plant or a group of several plants.


Company’s mission is to provide the global energy manufacturers with knowledge and technologies, in order to supply safer, cleaner and easily accessible energy for the future generations. SKF has got proven technologies and the global applicative knowledge to support such industries.

Sinergy of the key competences in the bearings, sealants, lubrication mechatronics and service helps improving efficiency and reliability. Using more than 100 years of engineering knowledge and applicative experience in all energy industries, SKF helps equipment and energy manufacturers overcoming the challenges of the energy production all over the world.


SKF Rotation For Life is a new and innovative business model changing the focus from the traditional bearing purchase based upon the unit price, to providing more reliable and improved rotation equipment performances, combined with the reduction of the ownership total costs.

By the new business model application, supported by the unique comprehensive scope of services with the reliability engineering, innovative wireless sensors connected to smart devices and remote centers to follow the condition and diagnostics, SKF can help companies optimizing maintenance, reducing energy consumption and advancing reliability and availability.