Eco Fair

An Outstanding Professional Accompanying Energy, Ecology and iSEC Program

The core activity of expert accompanying program at this year’s Energy, Ecology and iSEC fairs is a three-day expert conference entitled “Chapter 27 – Where to Next” (the chapter referring to environmental protection during the course of the EU accession negotiation process)

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PUC “City Sweeping”

The prevalent activity of PUC “STREET SWEEPING” Belgrade is removal of litter from public areas, removal of household rubbish, bulky waste, car wrecks, debris and their disposal, as well as removal and disposal of feces, maintenance of city landfill and collection of secondary raw

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Irma Projekt Sistem

IRMA PROJEKT SISTEM DOO is a company founded in 1992. It has been successfully operating in the field of environmental protection and working environment from aerospace pollution across all industry sectors, especially in the field of exploitation and processing of mineral raw materials, energy management,

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With as many as 30 years of experience and presence on nearly 40 global markets, RASCO is one of the leading manufacturers of winter and summer road maintenance equipment. RASCO product range includes snow plows and brushes, dry, wet and liquid spreaders, crane mowers as

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YUNIRISK core business activity is industrial waste management. By using MID-MIX’s patented technology, Yunirisk is able to treat a whole host of hazardous industrial waste by converting it into new, non-hazardous material called “neutral”, which has a usable value and can be used for various

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Under the slogan “Development in Harmony with Nature”, the program of sales, service and spare parts of AL.TOM GMP includes construction machinery, municipal equipment, platforms for working at heights, electric vehicles and special equipment.

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Mimeks Trade

Family company Mimeks Trade Ltd. from Žalec in Slovenia operates with underwater cleaning technologies, which understands pool cleaning and the one of other underwater surfaces by automatic and hand operated pool cleaners, water and other fluids transport by pumps.

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Energy, Environment and Protection, a Cocktail that Should Not Be Refused

The signal for start of the incredible exhibition October at Belgrade Fair will be given by the outstanding trio of representative events – 14th International Energy Fair, 15th International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair and 41st International Security Fair – 112

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