ATB SEVER is one of the oldest factories for the production of rotary electric machines in Southeast Europe. Today, this company boasts with 95 years of experience in the production of electric motors and generators.

ATB SEVER, starting from 2005 is member of ATB group. Wolong, one of the world leading brands in the motor industry, bought ATB Group in 2011.

The most important products offered by ATB SEVER are low- and high-voltage electric motors, synchronous and asynchronous generators. ATB SEVER provides engineering services in energetics, performs engineering tasks in open cut mining, as well as engineering work for regulated electromotor drives.

We are placing our products all around the world market for applications in fields such as energy, mining, metallurgy, metal industry, cement and paper production, oil and chemical industry, water management and water supply.

ATB SEVER is a company that is diligently planning its future. The goal that guides us is to be recognizable and competitive on the global market, all with the support of our WOLONG group.

Our branch in Serbia is factory ATB FOD in Bor, which supports us in production of parts and equipement.

Our electric motors and generators are optimized in accordance with our client’s technical and economical requests. Our clients will receive from us, within a very short notice, most advanced and high quality technical solutions of electric motors, generators, electric drives and complete technical solutions of small and middle sized hydroelectric power plants, along with economically most favourable conditions.