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Now is the time

October 1, 2020|News|

If you have ever passed by Belgrade Fair, passed through it, exhibited something there, met somebody, invited someone to join you, now is the time to support Belgrade Fair.

International Furniture Fair and MEDIDENT CANCELED

September 23, 2020|Furniture Fair, Machines and Tools for the Woodworking Industry|

The Belgrade Fair has decided to cancel the International Furniture Fair and the International Fair of Machines and Tools for the Wood Industry, which was planned to take place from 10 to 15 November 2020, as well as the International Fair of Medicine and Dentistry that was planned to take place from 15 to 17

Has the Belgrade Fair deserved to be enabled to do its job?

September 20, 2020|News|

Participating with all its capacities and resources in the fight against the global pandemic, and due to the character and scope of its activities, the Belgrade Fair has reached a vicious circle of business depression, from which it is almost impossible to get out without serious state support and increased respect for its activity.

Does the Belgrade Fair deserve to be treated below the rank of a catering facility or craft center?

September 9, 2020|News|

As a regional leader in exhibition activities and a member of the most prominent, large and extremely powerful community of major world exhibitions, the Belgrade Fair has been and remains a mainstay for connecting the world economy with the region and promoting the domestic across the world since its beginnings in 1937.

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