NETINVEST is a company specialized in both development and design engineering of renewable energy facilities. It offers consulting services that cover all stages of investment decision-making, development of general projects and previous feasibility studies, as well as development of Preliminary and Detailed designs complete with Feasibility Studies, as well as full support over the course of building construction and exploitation process.

Netinvest has also participated in Serbia’s first small solar power plant construction project, after which it has took part in numerous small solar power plant construction projects – from initial site optimization, feasibility studies, detailed design and documentation preparation for permit procurement purposes.

In the field of hydroelectric power plants, Netinvest offers consulting, processing and data analysis services based on which the company experts conduct a feasibility study and subsequent development of hydroelectric power plant project.

As regards exploitation of wind potentials, Netinvest offers services such as installation of wind measurement equipment, production of wind potential maps, optimization of future wind farm layout until completion of final steps over the course of design engineering process. Netinvest has erected over 50 anemometer poles in Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The scope of services offered by Netinvest also includes project management, as well as energy efficiency budgeting of facilities by EBRD EE and GIZ certified experts. As an innovation in the field of services offered by Netinvest, home automation or smart home implementation services are worth mentioning, as well as integrated home control systems.