BIOGAS ASSOCIATION is a representative association of over 30 members and 14 biogas plants of total installed capacity exceeding 14.4 MW, as well as of other institutions and companies directly or indirectly connected to either this technology or construction of biogas power plants .

Biogas Association is an active partner of German Association Fachverband Biogas e.V., but also a member of the European Biogas Association EBA.

At the upcoming fair, Biogas will have the opportunity to present its plans for the coming period, with an emphasis on services it provides to its members – regular updates on all the novelties, technologies, conferences and studies that may be useful to their business operations. Part of this offer includes training as well as professional development in the field of renewable energy use and biogas plant management.

Association wants to help its new members, who are planning on building plants, to share the experiences of those companies whose plants have already been put into operation, and to provide them with contacts and useful information when selecting technological solutions, use of raw materials, project financing models, as well as support in cooperation with the competent institutions of the Republic of Serbia.

In June 2019, Biogas Association signed a Partnership Agreement with the German Biogas Association, which recognized Serbia’s potential in biogas sector development in Serbia.