Each Exhibitor carrying out his stand construction independently and each Contractor hired by the Exhibitor to construct the stand shall supply the Stand Design to the Belgrade Fair Design Office for approval, not later than three days before commencement of the stand construction period. The stand construction and dismantle period is specified in advance by the event organizer and the Exhibitor will be informed of it while applying for it.

The Designs shall be sent solely to the e-mail address: in PDF format A4, vertical orientation and they have to include:

  • the stand base drawing
  • the stand look drawing
  • the stand technical description, including all materials used for the stand wall and floor construction
  • the drawing shall be dimensioned or
  • 3D stand drawing from two corners, with the stand technical description.

Each Design sent for approval shall include also the following information:

  • The Exhibitor’s and Contractor’s names
  • The fair event title
  • Hall number
  • Stand number
  • Contact person
  • Telephone / fax number
  • E-mail address

The Design Approval Form (PDF)


Each exhibitor shall complete the Application Form which regulates the exhibitors’ rights and liabilities at Belgrade Fair events.

We would kindly request all Exhibitors and Contractors to read the Rules of Belgrade Fair Event Participation and the scheme of ZONES – construction height limits for the stands in the halls, before their stand design.

The mutual costs compensation and design approval costs shall be paid by The Contractor – the stand constructing company.

The amount of the mutual costs compensation and design approval costs shall be EUR. 4.50/1 sq.m.

Calculation method of the space to be invoiced:

  • 0 – 150 sq. m.  –  each square meter shall be calculated
  • 151 – 300 sq. m. – fixed 150 sq. m.  + 40% difference between 300 and 150 sq. m.
  • 301 – 500 sq. m. – fixed 210 sq. m. + 30% difference between 500 and 300 sq. m.
  • More than 500 sq. m.  – fixed 270 sq. m. + 20% difference between the actual space and 500 sq. m.

All prices are without the calculated VAT.