Three largest regional fair events in these branches, conceived as a unique synergy project – Energy, EcoFair and 112 Expo – will mark the beginning of the Fair October. The first two are held at Belgrade Fair Hall 1 on October 3 – 5 and the third one at the Hall 2 on October 2 – 5, 2018.

Тhis sinergy understands connecting the problems of the renwable energy sources, electric power market, investments and technological innovations in energy (wind parks, hydro power stations, mini hydro power stations) energy efficiency, biomass and biogas production, etc. with the global protection, planning and financing of the environmental protection, waste management, urban mobility and solving the issue of historical pollution, but also protection from natural disasters and human negligence consequences, ocupational protection and health, emergency care…

This fair events trio will have the honor to present also one of the globally representative products of such synergy – H-Bridges Team of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade – young, educated and ambitious people, whose mission is to enrich the traditional University education by skilled and professional training through the supreme projects in the most attractive topics of present time, such as electric vehicles, renewable energy sources and efficient and smart use of electric power. In this process students develop hardware and software solutions for various applications, learn the team work and develop marketing, organizational and entrepreneurship skills with the scopes several times verified also at the highest global level.

H-Bridges tim Elektrotehničkog fakulteta u Beogradu

Also this year, at the biggest University World Competition in Innovative and energy efficient solutions IFEC 2018, in Beijing, under participation of 30 Universities from all meridians, Belgrade Team won the award for the device intended for easy, fast and efficient battery charging and discharging for electric power storing.

Since the device has been intended primarily for the home use and, at the same time, by strong criteria of the organizer, it had to be so far the best device in its branch, it was developed to be very compact and easy to use. From the work beginning on this project to the competition prototype a year passed and it was showed at the complicated, demanding and long lasting final testing how high quality the device had and, with some slight changes, easily adaptable to various work needs. While most of other competing devices did not manage to pass even all basic tests, the H-Bridges Team’s prototype passed easily all basic and several difficult additional tests. Thus, the Best Educational Impact Award under the global competition went into the right hands.

Currently, H-Bridges Team is engaged in the development of the electric bicycle for the new competition, which understands development of a reliable and compact technology, capable of meeting high standards from the point of efficient energy use, its smart storing, but also safety. The new electric bicycle will be eventually tested under various laboratory and realistic conditions, including the endurance race.

The Fairs will be open from 10.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m. The single entry ticket price is RSD.300.00, for the students with index and group visits RSD.100.00 and a car parking cocts RSD.100.00 per one hour.