The 16th International Energy Fair, the 17th International Fair of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources – EcoFair and the 42nd International Fair of Prevention and Emergency Situation Response and Safety and Health at Work, will be held from the 23rd to the 25th of November, in hall 2 of the Belgrade Fair.

This cocktail of representative fair events, should in these pandemic circumstances and binding epidemiological measures, point out the key connection of energy, ecological and protective basis of survival of the entire human civilization and to be a unique and synergic logistic platform for answers to some of the most important questions of today – energy, energy efficiency, the environment, risk, emergency issues and protection at work.

The Energy Fair is a respectable fair event with a UFI license, the largest annual gathering of companies, corporations, entrepreneurships, institutions and professionals in sectors of electricity, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and mining, the regional integrative leader in connection of all segments and factors of the energy sector in the region and in this part of Europe.

The program backbone of the fair consists of production and exploitation, enrichment, distribution, transport, storage or direct usage of the existing and potential natural resources and energy sources, but also scientific research, smart technology, energy saving, energy efficiency, educational support and other areas which are a part of the energy foundation and a trigger of the entire economic and public life of the country and the region.

In the sense of current capital projects in the sector of gas, revitalizations and restructurings of capacity in the sectors of fossil fuels, this representative specialized exhibition, this year especially emphasizes renewable energy sources and the improvement of energy efficiency.

Numerous companies and institutions are a part of the exhibition part of the program, which cover a wide spectrum of energy sectors and activities, from capital like Srbijagas – Novi Sad, which promotes its current projects, through production such as Sitel – Mikroelektronika, Enel – Jugotrade, EWG and Meter and Control, specialized in production of smart meters for households and industry, and in the remote control of electricity consumption software area; or Bes Heat Pump from Senta, which presents production and development of Bes heat pumps, sustainable exploitation of renewable energy sources and industrial automation using computer system commands; or Kness Group from Ukraine, with its solar energy projects; up to the world-renowned H Bridges student association of the Faculty of Electric Engineering, which promotes awarded projects of its students from the field of energy efficiency…

The patron of the Energy Fair is the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia.

Sajam energetika i EcoFair

ECOFAIR, the International Fair of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, is dedicated to systems and mechanisms of environmental protection with a special accent on “circular” and “green” economy, the recycling industry, waste management, utility technologies, protection of nature and protection of natural resources from pollution.

The Thematic Framework of the Fair agenda underlines the ecologically acceptable behavior as a way of life. Announcing the accent on finance and management of projects in the sector of environmental protection, investment projects and waste management, purification and management of Wastewater of Serbia, industrial safety. Ranges of domestic legislation is a special segment of the event (with capital financial effects), because as much as 30% of the normative part of the negotiation process towards the European Union refers to environmental issues.

This event covers the entire spectrum of exhibitor activities and visitor interests, such as the promotion of landscaping program Srbijasuma; mosquito pollinator, electric vacuum cleaners for collecting leaves, small City Sanitation garbage trucks; utility range of the newest generation of Plastik Gogic from Indjija or electric bikes and rickshaw firm E-prime, which will be available for test drives in the hall, and similar.

The patron of the Ecology Fair is the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia.

112 EXPO, The international fair of Prevention and Emergency Response and Safety and Health at work, present the presentation of all social and economic potentials intended to oppose unpredictable and unexpected emergency events and emergency situations which endanger human lives and property. It deals with prevention and protection of humans and property from natural disasters and human negligence, also safety and health at work and emergency medical care. It’s about, among other things, specialized firefighting and rescue vehicles and detection devices, fire extinguishers and rescue devices, emergency response apparatus and equipment, measuring and detection in case of technological accidents, rescue gear, workplace and product safety. The exhibitors dedicate a special place to devices and equipment for personal and collective protection at work.

As an example of exhibition agenda at the 112Expo Fair is Horoszcoop form Senta, an authorized representative and repairer for Magirus firefighting vehicles and ladders, Pioneer pumps of high performance and Heroes firefighting vehicles, fire extinguishers, utility vehicles and other; Albo from Zemun, which presents personal protection equipment, providing expert service with choosing equipment and complete after-sale service, or Ringtel, Belgrade, which deals with telecommunications and services for firefighters, IP telephony and call center services…

The patron of this event is the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.


Working hours of the Fairs is from 10am to 5pm.

The entry is free.

Exhibitors and visitors are obliged to adhere to current epidemiological measures.