ЈКП Градска чистоћа

The prevalent activity of PUC “STREET SWEEPING” Belgrade is removal of litter from public areas, removal of household rubbish, bulky waste, car wrecks, debris and their disposal, as well as removal and disposal of feces, maintenance of city landfill and collection of secondary raw materials. All this is performed across 11 Belgrade municipalities covering almost half a million households. Both workers and machinery regularly clean 2,250 city streets. About 1,500 tonnes of garbage are collected and deposited daily.

JKP Gradska čistoća

PUC City Sweeping exhibition stand at Hall 1 of Belgrade Fair shall represent a meeting point, i.e., an exchange of experiences and presentation of numerous projects that have been launched in the field of recycling.

Educational workshops on environmental protection and proper waste disposal shall be organized every day between 12:00 and 14:00, whilst visitors shall have the opportunity to take part in the popular Eco Quiz and test their knowledge in the field of recycling and environmental protection.