With as many as 30 years of experience and presence on nearly 40 global markets, RASCO is one of the leading manufacturers of winter and summer road maintenance equipment. RASCO product range includes snow plows and brushes, dry, wet and liquid spreaders, crane mowers as well as road cleaning and cleaning devices.

Aside from summer and winter maintenance equipment, RASCO product range also includes Muvo multipurpose vehicle, a small multifunctional vehicle ideal for year-round communal maintenance of urban areas, especially those that cannot be accessed by large communal vehicles. Given the fact that over 20 different connections are available for Muvo vehicle, it is usable year-round for urban area maintenance purposes.

Alongside the assured repair service and spare parts, as well as a comprehensive upgrade program, RASCO provides a comprehensive service of purchasing and maintaining devices intended for winter and summer road maintenance and Muvo vehicles to its customers. Therefore, irrespective of whether a machine is needed at an airport, highway, urban environment, or on local roads, RASCO is the right quarter to apply if you seek a comprehensive solution to customers’ needs.