YUNIRISK core business activity is industrial waste management. By using MID-MIX’s patented technology, Yunirisk is able to treat a whole host of hazardous industrial waste by converting it into new, non-hazardous material called “neutral”, which has a usable value and can be used for various purposes.

Their technological assembly line enables the input of liquid, solid and sludge waste, which in turn translates into a final product, i.e., material that can be disposed of in nature and is a non-hazardous substance that neither pollutes nor devastates the environment. These materials are made of concrete and brick products, road construction substrates, and serve as a supplement to solid and industrial fuels in the production of asphalt and briquettes. Moreover, it can be introduced to cement plant in a form of an additive, i.e., suplement in cement production.

MID-MIX technology has been recognized and patented in the EU where it is being successfully implemented. Therefore, this company is a natural and reliable partner to any industry that, at the end of its cycle, generates, among other things, hazardous industrial waste.