Family company Mimeks Trade Ltd. from Žalec in Slovenia operates with underwater cleaning technologies, which understands pool cleaning and the one of other underwater surfaces by automatic and hand operated pool cleaners, water and other fluids transport by pumps.

At the former Yugoslavia territory, it is the agent of many, mostly West European brands and exports to the former Yugoslavia countries, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Italy, Mediterranean Sea area and United Arab Emirates.

Mimeks Trade

It is the agent of the Austrian Mariner 3S company (robotic poolcleaners for indoor, outdoor and natural pools, public, hotel and spa pools) and the Swedish Weda company (industrial pools, waste water, etc.).

It will exhibit at the Fair professional robotic poolcleaners and display will show the films on the robotic swimming poolcleaners and industrial robots. The exhibited products will be exclusive, innovative and for the first time presented in Serbia.