IRMA PROJEKT SISTEM DOO is a company founded in 1992. It has been successfully operating in the field of environmental protection and working environment from aerospace pollution across all industry sectors, especially in the field of exploitation and processing of mineral raw materials, energy management, metallurgy, cement, wood, paper and glass industry, thermo-techniques, thermal engineering, petrochemicals, wastewater treatment etc.

The range of company services includes, among other things, purification of flue gases, de-dusting of industrial plants, industrial ventilation, pneumatic transport, conveying lines and distribution network of gaseous and liquid fluids, water purification from solids …

IRMA PS provides its users with turnkey projects, reconstruction, revitalization, monitoring and maintenance of facilities, study and analysis development, emission measurements, consulting services, etc. Aside from activities in the field of environmental and working environment protection, it is engaged in design engineering, manufacture and supervision over industrial plants in the field of thermotechnics, thermal power engineering and petrochemistry.

The reference list of projects covers those implemented in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as on Russian, English, German and Brazilian markets.