The program “Nature’s Gifts” traditionally hosts the Valjevo Host Association and Valjevo Mushroom Association at this year’s Horticulture Fair.

Their ethno-style performance will remind us all of the value of our villages and the nature that surrounds us, which is quite lush in the area of Valjevo. Visitors will be able to enjoy the potential of rural tourism in the area of Valjevo, households engaged in rural tourism, as well as natural resources and cultural assets of both the city of Valjevo and its surrounding area.

Valjevo Host Association was established in May 2005 in Lelic with the aim to improve rural life and lay stress on development of rural tourism. Owing to the fact that the strategic orientation of the Republic of Serbia is the development of agriculture and tourism, and especially rural tourism, the Host Association, with the help of Valjevo Mushroom Association and Medicinal Research Society of Valjevo, is taking concrete steps to educate all participants about rural tourism with an aim to return young people to the countryside.

Valjevo Mushroom Association educates people about proper collection, use and protection of fields and forest fruits.