In the halls 2A and 1A filled with flowers, as well as in the outdoor area of the Belgrade Fair, a manifestation dedicated to nature as the source of life and education on how planting flowers and greening cities can preserve essential resources for the survival of biological diversity and ecosystems was ceremoniously opened.

The 29th International Fair of Horticulture BeoPlantFair is this year enriched with three additional major thematic exhibitions: the 27th Exhibition of Medicinal Herbs and Honey Products – Gifts of Nature, the 12th Exhibition of Garden and Park Machinery and Equipment – MotoPlantExpo, and the 8th Exhibition of Organic Production – Organic Fest.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia is the patron and one of the most active participants and motivators of this event, which was ceremoniously opened by Milica Đurđević, State Secretary in this ministry.

– It is a pleasure to see exhibitors coming from all over Serbia, the event being enriched with additional content and exhibitions, and the number of exhibitors increasing from year to year. This is an opportunity for us to gather and celebrate the beauty, diversity, and importance of horticulture in our lives.

Đurđević emphasized that horticulture is more than just planting flowers and ornamental plants because it is a blend of art, science, and passion. Through horticulture, we create oases of peace, draw inspiration from the beauties of nature, and enrich the space in which we live.

– This event, better known as “Garden in the Heart of the City,” is one of the most significant in this area, and therefore, it is a greater pleasure for the ministry to be able to support it and help the exhibitors’ performance. Perhaps this fair is an opportunity for some of the exhibitors to step out of their local framework and place their products on some new markets, as well as an opportunity to appear on the international market in the next year. Our support is a symbol of our commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture and caring for the environment. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management will always support such events because they are the best promotion of Serbian agriculture and Serbian products – Đurđević stated.

At the grand opening, Dejan Dragićević, the face of this year’s Fair of Horticulture and a recognizable television host of the shows “First Garden of Serbia” on RTS and “Flower Corner” on Agro TV, addressed the gardening enthusiasts, welcoming them to this year’s fair, the central floral event for the whole of Serbia. He advised them to buy a plant they don’t have in their garden and expressed his wish for the fair to be held at least twice a year.

Dejan Dragićević, who has been spreading his love for horticulture and flowers for years and sharing his knowledge and experience, will provide visitors with advice on planting various plants and maintaining greenery during the fair.

The event, taking place from Thursday, April 4th, to Sunday, April 7th, 2024, offers everything horticulture enthusiasts need, bringing the latest trends and innovations, a wealth of plant diversity, and expert advice on maintaining their own gardens.

This year’s fair promises something special – a diverse selection of flowers that captivates and takes one’s breath away, along with presentations of the best selection from exhibitors and growers, as well as lectures and workshops that will inspire and motivate all visitors to make their gardens, yards, and terraces even more beautiful.

The exhibition offer will cover all areas of horticulture – cultivation of flowers and floral material, production of seedlings and seed material, fruit growing, viticulture, beekeeping, medicinal herb cultivation, green area cultivation and maintenance, horticultural machinery, irrigation systems, greenhouses, fertilizers and protective agents, landscape architecture…

The Fair of Horticulture provides the opportunity to purchase directly from producers, who will offer a rich selection of the most beautiful flowers, conifers, ornamental plants, cacti and succulents, seasonal flowers, herbs, and aromatic plants, while one of the exhibitors will offer over 200 species of bougainvilleas.

The concept of the Fair of Horticulture: four segments, a synthesis of expertise and aesthetics

Flora includes seedlings and seeds, decorative plants, fruit and vegetable production and processing, interior decoration, irrigation systems, greenhouses, horticultural machinery, plant fertilizers and protection, as well as herbal farming and cosmetics.

Green design deals with interior and exterior landscaping, garden, park, and forest maintenance, dendro materials, along with the presentation of professional literature and publications.

Gifts of Nature and Organic Fest is dedicated to mushrooms and forest products, honey and honey products, medicinal teas, ointments, and balms, the production of medicinal and aromatic plants, organic farming and gardening, organic products, and healthy food in general. Visitors have the opportunity to see, taste, and purchase medicinal teas and ointments, honey and honey-based products, medicinal and aromatic plant products, mushrooms and forest products, phyto-cosmetics, phyto-pharmacy, professional literature…

MotoPlantExpo traditionally brings together exhibitors, producers, and distributors of park and garden machinery and equipment, small agricultural, transport, and horticultural machinery, machinery and tools for forestry, irrigation systems and greenhouses, park furniture, playgrounds, fitness and sports grounds, gardening tools and equipment, various types of materials for garden and yard landscaping…

Professional accompanying program

The accompanying program, with its quality and the presence of participants, will follow the exhibition offer at this event and provide visitors with a platform to promote the latest trends in the world of gardening and horticulture.

During the Fair of Horticulture BeoPlantFair, two round tables will be held:

The Association of Landscape Architects of Serbia traditionally participates in the International Fair of Horticulture, and on the occasion of April – Landscape Architecture Month, a round table on the topic “Dialogue for (preserving) green infrastructure” is planned for Thursday, April 4th, at 1 pm. The participants of the round table will be landscape architects working in public companies and institutions responsible for public green areas and providing conditions for urban plans and technical documentation. Speakers: Dušanka Stojanović Đorđević, Dušan Dejanović JKP Medijana Niš, and Tatjana Obradović, planning advisor at the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure.

On Friday, April 5th, at 12 pm, the second round table on the topic “The state of floriculture and ornamental plants in Serbia” will be held, with panelists: Dr. Danica Mićanović, coordinator of the Flower and Ornamental Plant Producers Group of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Milan Topalović, president of the Group – Topalović Nursery, Kolinda Hrehorović, head of the group for fruit, vegetables, alcoholic beverages, and flowers, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management, and Prof. Dr. Dragana Skočajić, the Association for Landscape Horticulture of Serbia.

More practical advice will be provided through lectures organized as part of the accompanying program on topics such as:

  • Photinias and prunuses (planting, cultivation, and fertilization), lecturer: Ivica Ilić, Ilić Nursery, Kaona;
  • All about roses (planting, cultivation, pruning, and fertilization), lecturer: Milan Topalović, Topalović Nursery, Lipolist;
  • Use of root barriers in urban areas, lecturers from Urban Garden;
  • Bamboo – Planting and maintenance, lecturer: Miro Ilić, Garen cerkom;
  • Balcony flowers – How to make your terrace beautiful and flowery, lecturer Dragan Sajić, Garden;
  • Deciduous and coniferous trees, lecturer: Dragan Gajić, Lepo Polje;
  • Bougainvilleas, lecturer Dragiša Stamenković, Stamenković Nursery, Čačak;
  • Orchids, lecturer Vladan Milutinović, and
  • When to start preparing for garden landscaping, lecturer Vlada Milutinović.

During the Fair of Horticulture BeoPlantFair, two exhibitions will be held:

  • Exhibition of Landscape Architects and Horticulture, and
  • Exhibition “Bloom with Flowers” by author Nataša Komatina.

Expert jury awards

For the participants of the fair, this year, awards from the expert jury are provided for the diversity, quality, and presentation of the displayed content.

Unforgettable days await us at the Fair of Horticulture, from Thursday to Sunday, April 4th – 7th, 2024.

Whether you are a passionate gardener, a beginner, or simply a nature lover, you will find something for yourself at the BeoPlantFair.

In the unique atmosphere that only this fair can provide, enjoy the opportunity to relax in a natural environment, exchange experiences with other flower enthusiasts, and be part of our community that celebrates love for nature and environmental preservation and landscaping.

“Do not wait for someone to bring you flowers. Plant your garden and decorate your soul.”
Luther Burbank

This year, the Fair of Horticulture is being held simultaneously with the 44th Nautic, Hunting & Fishing Show, which expands the significance and opportunities for visitors and exhibitors of both events.

An exceptional benefit for visitors is the fact that the ticket purchased for this fair also applies to the 44th Nautic, Hunting & Fishing Show, which takes place from April 4th to 8th in neighboring halls – 1 and 4. The same applies to tickets purchased for the Nautic, Hunting & Fishing Show.


Working hours:

THU – SAT, April 4th – 6th: 10 am to 7 pm
SUN, April 7th: 10 am to 4 pm

Ticket price is 500 dinars, and group tickets are 300 dinars (for groups of more than 20 people).

The parking fee for cars is 150 dinars per hour.