Velimir Stanojević, State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, had the pleasant duty to open this year’s Horticulture Fair, a large flower event that is a sign of a new beginning and new energy at the Belgrade Fair. Velimir Stanojevic is the traditional patron and one of the most active participants and motivators of this event.

In addition to conveying greetings from the line minister Branislav Nedimović, praise was sent to the Belgrade Fair for the quick organization of the first fair after the COVID-19 virus pandemic, as well as for helping and ceding all its capacities to the state in this difficult fight.

– Organizing this event is a good signpost of the Belgrade Fair for a new beginning, and in terms of soul, smells and ambience, this is the most beautiful fair. A good indicator for the further development of this economic branch is that the production of flowers and ornamental plants growing in Serbia. We currently have 550 hectares under seedlings, and it is encouraging that over 200 hectares of flowers are in a protected area. Imported seedlings consumption is growing, as well as domestic production.

Speaking about the “honey segment” of this fair, Stanojevic pointed out the fact that 1.3 million beehives produce 11 thousand tons of honey.

In addition to horticulture, which is most represented at the fair, there are also fruit growers, winegrowers, vegetable growers, representatives engaged in the collection and processing of medicinal plants, as well as organic food producers. The state and the Ministry of Agriculture provide great support and direct incentives to, through the use of modern technologies in production, the results were both quantitatively and qualitatively better.

Stanojevic pointed out his satisfaction that in our environment, more and more attention is evidently paid to landscaping and decorating green areas.

– I would like, like this “Garden in the heart of the city”, to turn the whole of Serbia into a garden in the heart of Europe – he said at the opening ceremony of the 25th International Horticulture Fair. BeoPlantFair and accompanying thematic exhibitions, distinguished guest Dejan Dragicevic, host of the TV show “First Garden of Serbia” (RTS) and “Flower Corner” (Agro TV). He agreed that Serbia suddenly became interested in gardening and that after a bad period for flowers, a miracle happened, which we are currently attending at the Belgrade Fair.

To the satisfaction of those present, the ceremony was decorated by the performance of the dance couple Belgrade Tango Encuentro, which traditionally organizes the Tango Festival at the Belgrade Fair.

In Hall 3 and in the open space in front of the visitors, there will be three more thematic exhibitions in addition to the Horticulture Fair until Saturday, June 20, 2020 – the 23rd Exhibition of Medicinal Herbs and honey preparations Gifts of Nature, 8th Exhibition of garden and park machines and accessories MotoPlantExpo and 4th Exhibition of organic production Organic Fest.

Over 80 exhibitors are participating in the fair, mostly domestic, but companies from Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Sweden will be represented through their distributors and representatives. This year, there has been an increased interest of exhibitors in the field of floriculture and landscaping.

The program of the fair is divided into four parts: Flora, Green Design, Gifts of Nature and Organic Fest and MotoPlantExpo.

From the rich selection of seedlings of flowers, conifers and ornamental plants, cactus, seasonal flowers, spices and aromatic plants, at the fair you can buy them directly from the manufacturer, because BeoPlantFair is traditionally a great opportunity for all small producers and households to go beyond local markets and establish new contacts in favor of future cooperation.

Participants are: individuals, associations, agricultural cooperatives, business organizations, distributors, growers, traders, landscape architects, academic and scientific institutions, utilities, along with a significant number of business visitors, the general public and nature lovers.

The event represents all areas of horticulture – growing flowers and floral material, production of seedlings and seeds, fruit growing, viticulture, beekeeping, cultivation of medicinal plants, cultivation and maintenance of green areas, mechanization for horticulture, irrigation systems, greenhouses, food and protection, landscape architecture

Friday, June 19, 2020, the Day of Landscape Architecture will be marked as part of the professional accompanying program.

Visitors to the fair of diverse business profiles and personal affinities are given a unique opportunity to get acquainted with new trends and brands in horticulture,

landscape architecture and spatial planning, production and application of medicinal and aromatic plants, new technologies in plant cultivation, to learn more about the importance and healing effects of honey preparations and much more.


Working hours of the event: 17 – 20 June, 10 am to 6 pm

Entrance and parking are free for visitors.

Measures and recommendations for protection and prevention:

The Belgrade Fair will respect and provide all prescribed measures and recommendations for protection and prevention, in accordance with the applicable rules of protection against the COVID-19 virus. Information for visitors about the measures taken in that sense will be prominently displayed.

Visitors are expected to respect the measures.