The 44th International Nautic, Hunting, and Fishing Show started on Thursday, April 4th, and will last until Monday, April 8th, 2024.

The fair, intended for enthusiasts and users of all types of boats, water sports, and diving, as well as hunting and fishing equipment, nautical, camping, and outdoor gear, is held under the slogan “There Can Only Be One Course.” For decades, this event has been an opportunity to present current trends and achievements in various segments of the domestic and regional nautical industry, hunting, and fishing activities, from industrial and economic to sports, recreational, or tourism.

The fair was ceremonially opened in halls 1 and 4 of the Belgrade Fair by the Minister of Economy in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Slobodan Cvetković, who stated that the slogan of the event “There Can Only Be One Course” also speaks about Serbia’s course, which can only be one – a leap into the future.

“Numerous waterways that Serbia has are simultaneously its lifeline and potential for sailing into world currents,” he said. “Serbia is a country with exceptional nautical potential, with two international rivers – the Danube and the Sava, one interstate river – the Tisa, which flow through Serbia for almost 1000 km, and a network of canals of almost 680 km… With its rich cultural heritage, fortresses, archaeological sites, and religious objects on its banks… All of this, along with current and upcoming infrastructure projects, will enhance Serbia’s water connectivity with the world, but also a golden leap into the future related to the Expo 2027 exhibition. Then, Belgrade will be the center of the business world, including those who come to Serbia via water routes. This is evidenced by projects planning the construction of ports, marinas, pontoons, procurement of eco-boats for tourist transportation, and more.”

“In addition, river transport is several times cheaper than road transport. Therefore, reviving waterways and navigation in general would contribute to the development of cities located along rivers, and thus to the overall economy.”

“Thanks to its natural resources and opportunities for breeding almost all types of game, Serbia is a true paradise for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. Not without reason, Serbian hunting grounds are among the richest in game and fish in Europe, which is certainly a serious economic and tourist potential. In this regard, gastronomic tourism should not be forgotten.”

“The stands of this fair present our offerings and achievements in reaching all of these advantages and goals, and it is up to us to utilize them in the best common interest,” concluded the minister.

Uroš Kandić, State Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Youth, emphasized the exceptional importance of water resources and navigable waterways for the development of tourism in Serbia. The level of cruise docking has reached pre-pandemic levels, but not in terms of the number of guests, which is a short-term goal. It is expected that in the coming years, the number of tourists arriving in our country by cruises will increase at a rate of 15 percent annually.

“Through the project ‘Sail through Serbia’,” he said, “serious work is being done on the construction of appropriate nautical infrastructure, primarily on the Danube. Construction has begun on the largest marina in Veliko Gradište, and work is expected to begin in Golubac, Banoštor, Majdanpek, Donji Milanovac… By the next Nautic Show, most of these projects will likely be completed.”

“Hunting tourism also has great potential due to the large number of animal species in Serbia. However, even in this area, the number of hunting tourists does not match the objective possibilities, so there are plans to increase accommodation and other service capacities, primarily for foreign hunters.”

Nenad Ivanišević, Secretary for Economy and Tourism of the Provincial Government of AP Vojvodina, said that Vojvodina, with its 11 micro-locations, has significant potential for the development of nautical tourism, on rivers and canals. In this context, the port in Banoštor is expected to give a new dimension to the development of this industry.

Visitors have access to a representative offer of speedboats, yachts, sailboats, boats, jet skis, inboard and outboard motors, water sports equipment, training, charters, and other elements of nautical tourism.

A significant part of the exhibitor program is tailored to river navigators, enthusiasts of the Sava, Danube, lakes, and navigable canals. They will enjoy regattas, rafting, and other sports-recreational-tourist activities made possible thanks to Serbia’s water potentials.

Participation in the fair has been reserved by over 100 direct and indirect exhibitors from five countries, promising exclusive and innovative exhibition content.

Domestic and models of world-renowned brands are not lacking, including those worth hundreds of thousands of euros, which, as a rule, attract the most attention from visitors in terms of appearance and price, precisely those who find buyers in the first hours after the fair opens.

For those with more modest demands, cheaper boats are also available – fishing and inflatable boats, various tires for riding… A special sector is dedicated to scooters, whose popularity grows from year to year.

The hunting and fishing segment of the fair, which has been expanding visibly in recent years, promotes the development of hunting and fishing tourism, presents new products and equipment to distributors, hunters, and anglers, and highlights the potential for the development of hunting tourism in Serbia. The largest importers and distributors present hunting weapons, ammunition, and clothing, fishing rods, and all other fishing gear. There are also artisans, whose products have become known and sought after worldwide, wherever this type of sports and recreational activity is popular.


The fair is open from 10 am to 7 pm, and on the last day of the fair from 10 am to 4 pm.

The ticket price is 500 dinars, group tickets are 300.

Parking for cars within the Belgrade Fair is 150 dinars per hour.

An exceptional convenience for visitors is the fact that a ticket purchased for this fair is also valid for the 29th International Fair of Horticulture – Beoplant Fair, which takes place from April 4th to 7th in halls 1A and 2A. The same applies to tickets purchased for the Fair of Horticulture.