The Fair Holiday “Planted” a Flower Holiday

June 3rd, the World Fair Industry Day, Belgrade Fair marked in well-known special circumstances and especially symbolic gestures. This was done by announcing the imminent farewell from the Covid Hospital, which, with all its visible and invisible meanings, essentially influenced the life not only of the Belgrade Fair but also of the entire country.

2020-06-05T08:42:05+01:00June 4, 2020|Horticulture|

Tutor Company

The new company that will exhibit to all visitors of Horticulture Fair at Belgrade Fair new solutions in the field of landscape design and space enrichment, and shall thus present the Sustainable gardens design – interior and exterior design, innovative tools and solutions for landscape design and interior biodecoration.

2019-04-01T11:57:51+01:00April 1, 2019|Horticulture|

Ratka Plast

Ratka Plast sells plastic pots and other floricultural equipment. At the Horticulture Fair, besides plants and flowers of various types and colors, you will be able to match your desired color combinations and complete your arrangement for a terrace, garden or appurtenance.

2019-04-02T09:47:12+01:00April 1, 2019|Horticulture|
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