June 3rd, the World Fair Industry Day, Belgrade Fair marked in well-known special circumstances and especially symbolic gestures.

This was done by announcing the imminent farewell from the Covid Hospital, which, with all its visible and invisible meanings, essentially influenced the life not only of the Belgrade Fair but also of the entire country. By expressing gratitude to the media and business partners for expressing solidarity with the Belgrade Fair in existentially difficult moments. By providing collegial and friendly support, and, finally, with the desire to enter “new life”, “life after the Corona”, as optimism and faith in better times demand – with flowers and blooms, scents and the flourishing of that new life.

Thus, the first step into a better future, but also the first stream into the world’s ocean of beautiful things and thoughts will come from the “Garden in the heart of the city” of the International Horticultural Fair, which will be held from June 17 to 20, in circumstances that will for visitors and exhibitors be colored by the symbolism of birth and recovery.

The Horticulture fair, with three other traditional accompanying exhibitions, was originally supposed to be held from April 22 to 25, but it was postponed for the known reasons. The case wanted to be closed with “The Flower Fair” to represent the end of difficult and gloomy moment in the lives of all of us and to illuminate the way back to everything that has been lost in the meantime or turned into its opposite.