GRAFIMA 2019 is the first autumn fair event at Belgrade Fair and therefore deserves to be an honorary portal to enter the wonderful world of colors, light blue shades and – their creators.

More than 70 expected exhibitors of different profiles from a dozen countries will be brought to this world this year, and thus will present an extremely diverse range of machines, devices and equipment used in the graphic industry, even complete technological processes, raw materials and materials for different sectors of graphic and paper industry, as well as the latest original dedicated software and ICT solutions in these fields with a strong creative capacity and potential.

The emphasis of the professional and accompanying program of this, the most prestigious and most comprehensive regional fair event dedicated to graphic, paper and creative industries, with as much as 41 year-long history, was placed on printing technology, graphic design and advertising material. In addition to expert lectures and presentations of new technologies and achievements by top lecturers and demonstrators, visitors will be able to see the creative heritage of “Creative Solutions Street”, which promotes conceptual designs in the field of graphic design, as well as the “Second-Hand Machines Market”, especially interesting for those who are just starting their own line of work in these propulsive economic-artistic activities.

This year’s Grafima is hosted by EUROPAPIER DUNAV LLC, a member of the Europapier Group, a leading paper supplier in 12 Central and Eastern European countries with over 50 warehouses across the region.

A traditional companion of Grafima is BIRO-EXPO, the International IT and Office Equipment Fair, focused on office business needs.

GRAPHIMA and BIRO-EXPO are held between 25 and 28 September 2019 in Hall 4 at Belgrade Fair. Opening hours of the fairs will be from 10:00 until 18:00. The price of a single ticket shall cost RSD 400.00, whislt the parking ticket shall cost RSD 150.00 an hour.