Grafima has started

The International Graphic, Paper and Creative Industry Fair "Grafima" started on Monday, October 9th, in Hall 4 of the Belgrade Fair. The fair was officially opened by Frank Van Deursen, the general manager of Cron-Europe being the host of this fair event. In his welcoming speech, he praised the successful cooperation with the local company Prepress. Cron-Europe is present

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“GRAFIMA” has opened its gates

The 42nd GRAFIMA – Graphic, Paper and Creative Industry Fair has been officially opened in Hall 4 of the Belgrade Fair, in the presence of numerous guests and exhibitors. The purpose of this representative regional fair manifestation is to promote technological achievements in graphic industry, publishing, printed media, design, marketing industry, as well as paper

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“Europapier”, European leader as Grafima Host

The host of Grafima 2019, EUROPAPIER DUNAV, is a member of Europapier Group from Austria, a leading trader in paper and graphic industry across 12 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The Group boasts over 50 warehouses in the countries in which it operates, with a capacity of over 150,000 pallets, which makes about 68,000 tons of goods.

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GRAFIKUM is a local company focused on our local market and as such it supports enterprises engaged in graphic industry. Without good service and support, every investment, even the smallest, is uncertain.

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Fortuna Digital

FORTUNA DIGITAL DOO is a regional leader in distributing media for digital press, advertising industry, as well as for sales and servicing of printing and finishing machines of leading manufacturers such as HP, Esko Kongsberg, Summa, D-Gen, Fotoba, Flexa, D.Gen, Politape. Furthermore, Avery Dennison, Kaemmerer, Politape, HP, DS Smith Kaysesberg, Beelite, Natura, Neschen, Pongs, Stadur, Landor, Olfa and others

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Car Foil Shop

CAR FOIL SHOP DOO imports and distributes (retail and wholesale) car design and styling equipment. This concept consists of selling products primarily based on all-type-based foils and providing services regarding application and installation of all products on offer.

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DENIKO DOO Company is a longtime importer and distributor of printing and bookbinding finishing machines and raw materials.

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ALBO is a leader in the field of occupational health and safety and personal protective equipment. Over the course of twenty-five years of experience, ALBO has expanded its product range to over five thousand items, meaning that today it covers all categories of personal protective equipment and workplace hygiene and safety products.

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2-M.K. is exclusive importer and distributor of the companies Color and Reiner. Official dealer of the companies Noris Color, Heri Rigoni.

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