Traditional participation of PUC Greenery-Belgrade at the International BeoPlantFair Horticulture Fair at Belgrade Fair continues with its successful presentation year after year.

With the common goal of preserving and expanding the greenery in the city environment and thus expanding the nature that belongs to every human being, PUC Greenery-Belgrade will present a wide range of activities covering the areas of planning, design development, construction and maintenance of public green areas and production of plant material, construction (organization) and maintenance (care) of public green areas.

The accompanying program at the Horticulture Fair on Saturday, 6 April will include the lecture on “Urban Greenery, Organization and Maintenance of Public Green Areas in the Municipality of Novi Beograd” that will be held and delivered by Ms. Jelena Jankovic, B.Sc. Eng. Landscape Architect at PUC “Greenery- Belgrade”.

PUC Greenery-Belgrade

Founded in 1929, PUC Greenery-Belgrade employs more than 1,100 workers, and many are engaged in forestry and horticulture. The company organizes and maintains public green areas, public sanitary facilities and accompanying production; it repairs park, sports and other equipment across ten city municipalities. Moreover, it is engaged in flower production, ornamental plants and filling of seedlings in park-forests.

PUC Greenery- Belgrade covers about 3,000 hectares of public green areas (parks, squares, recreational complexes, green residential areas, street lawns), as well as 12 hectares of surface intended for production of outdoor plant material and 7,000m² plant material under greenhouses.

PUC Greenery- Belgrade is entrusted with management, i.e., care and protection of natural resources, Great War Island, Banjica Forest, Pioneer and Academic Park, Topcider Park, Zvezdara Forest, as well as with individually protected resources – tree trunks across the city.

PUC Greenery- Belgrade boasts modern machinery for green areas, maintenance and protection of plants, which helps company perform the most complex tasks in the most successful and efficient manner.