Medicine and Dental Medicine Fair – Medident, 43rd edition, the oldest and largest fair event of this type in the region, at which more than 100 local and international exhibitors from about fifteen countries present dental, medical and laboratory equipment and supplies, pharmaceutical products and services in various medical fields, is held from Thursday, October 11 to Saturday, October 13, 2018 at Belgrade Fair Hall 4.

The Fair will be festively opened by Dr. Petar Dragić, one of the best known surgeons of the present time, narrowly specialized within vein problems and esthetics, the pioneer of the vein laser surgical operations and one of the first surgeons in Europe who introduced laser in the surgical treatment of expanded veins. His experience, measurable by the highest global criteria and standards, make him one of the most respected global experts in this branch of surgery and medicine in general.

The mission of this renowned fair event with the enviable tradition and even more enviable expansion and continuous growth consists of health in the most general sense of the word, prevention, contemporary treatment methods, promotion of the scientific achievements in all sections of medicine and dental medicine. Last but not least, it is the venue of intensive business meetings of the manufacturers, salesmen and users of medical equipment and the exchange of the expert skills and experiences.

In accordance with such mission and high educational and humanitarian potentials, Medident offers the visitors a wide range of the traditional presentation actions, free examinations, massage treatments, various demonstration practices, brief educational and consulting programs and within the fascinating side event program – lectures upon current topics, promorions and presentations, organized also at the exhibitors’ stands and in a special equipped space. However, cream on the cake of this outstanding fair event consists of specialized features intended for the experts and in general, professionals in various medical fields.

Thus, Blood Transfusion Institute of Serbia will organize for all interested visitors the action of voluntary blood donation with the blood picture analysis and blood pressure measuring.

Diabetes Fighting Association Blue Circle will offer free sugar in blood, blood pressure and biomass index measurement and Diabetes diseased persons will be able to get at their stand good advices and educationrelated to this disease.

Those with overweight problems may expect free body weight measuring and nutritionist advices at the stand of Everyone on the Scale Association.

At the stand of B.P. Eurogroup the visitors may hope for a free and yet professional massage and at the stand of Woman Plus Association for free condoms and the related educational leaflets.

It will not be less interesting in the news promotion at the market of medical and dentistry products.

Thus, TIM CO will present as premiere at its stand dental radiology equipment manufactured by KaVo Germany. This is medical and dental 3D orthopan of the latest generation KaVo OP3D Pro, digital 2D orthopan KaVo OP2D, intraoral X-ray machine KaVo Focus and digitalizing system for intraoral films by wireless sensor plates KaVo Scan eXam. It is interesting the exhibits will be presented as fully operative with their operation stations, where the dentists for the digital intraoral, extraoral and 3D CBCT diagnostics will provide education.

Carlos Signs Dental Solution company presents as premiere the new generation of Roland DWX-52D, the bestselling dental milling machine in the world. The visitors will find at their stand also the special action offer – Roland DWX-4, Digital Dental Startup Laboratory, as well as 3D scanners with unique software solutions.

The already traditional Medident exhibitor – Neodent – will promote the new dental equipment and devices and demonstrate the new products of GC company.

The program includes expert demonstrations Hygiene and Disinfection in the Dental Practice and Teeth Whitening (live presentation on a patient, by the application of White Smile Flash Welding Torch).

Plastdent also organizes at its stand work demonstration with new equipment and materials and the action sales will be enhanced by prize game for visitors, as well.

Oralent company will promote as premiere the new toothpaste in color Be You (in the set with the toothbrush), as well as the new interdental toothbrush series Perio.

The key section of the Professional Side Event Program of Medident 2018 is certainly the three days long Dentist under the working title Dental Medicine of the Future, organized by Neodent and The Academy of New Knowledge, with the dentistry lectures accredited (at Medical Council of Serbia), where the neccessaru license points may be collected. The Seminar working titles – New Standards in Dental Practice, Aesthetics for the Future and Print and Facets in Prosthetics – are the announcement of the thematic focuses of the lecturers from Serbia, Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, etc.

Medident is held at Belgrade Fair Hall 4.

Working hours on Thursday and Friday, October 11 and 12, is from 10.00 a. m. to 7.00 p. m. and on Saturday, October 13, untill 6.00 p. m.

Individual entry tickets cost RSD.300.00, the group ones RSD.150.00 and the car parking shall be paid RSD.100.00 per one hour.