Officially opening the 46th International Fair of Medicine and Dentistry “Medident”,  the Minister of Health in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Prof. Dr. Danica Grujičić, reminded that “there’s no craft without tools.” In that context, she emphasized that this fair, through its offerings, presented tools, devices, equipment, and methods, is a significant aid not only to dentists but to all other medical professionals for whom such equipment is a basic means of work.

She mentioned that the significance of such gatherings lies in the fact that it brings together doctors, dentists, and equipment manufacturers, enabling them to find the best solutions and meet various individual professional needs and interests in one place.

The Minister expressed satisfaction with the support provided to the Ministry of Health for the idea of returning dentists to healthcare centers. “Having a healthy private and public sector doesn’t mean being in a “hostile” relationship, but, on the contrary, it means having healthy competition from both sides. The competent national commission should determine which services would be available in healthcare centers and which would remain in private practice.“

Dr. Marko Gojnić, President of the Board of the Serbian Dental Chamber, highlighted the exceptional significance of this event and the opportunity to learn about the most modern dental equipment available on the market today. He praised the joint presentation of private and public exhibitors and their practices, which could be a great service to citizens and oral health in Serbia in general.

As a representative of the “minority” medical profession, Dr. Ninoslav Ribić, an exhibitor and owner of the company “011 Medikal grupa” from Belgrade, which distributes products from over 20 foreign companies, stated that his company aims to be the most serious partner for everyone in the healthcare sector. In collaboration with international partners our goal is to provide the best service maintenance for all equipment, and to train personnel in Serbia to handle the latest technologies more efficiently. As a visitor and participant of the largest global exhibitions of this kind for decades now, Dr. Ribić emphasized the need to adopt the best global trade fair practices at this event, and also for this event to have a presence worldwide.

“Medident” has been the most reputable regional medical business, commercial, and educational exhibition for decades.

In Hall 3 of the Belgrade Fair, from November 30th to December 2nd, 2023, over 50 domestic and regional exhibitors, along with representatives of foreign companies, will gather with a representative offer primarily focusing on dental, as well as other medical and laboratory equipment and supplies, pharmaceutical and other products and services. This  demonstrates that they are the trade fair support for the entire profession and related industries.

The goal of Medident is to gather medical professionals, manufacturers of medical and dental equipment, researchers, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and patients, to serve as a platform for knowledge exchange, presenting innovations, promoting new technologies, and providing education to foster business relationships and enhance healthcare practices. Experts have the opportunity to learn new techniques and methods, establish connections and encourage collaboration, while patients can get informed about the latest achievements and take a more active role in maintaining their health. Medident creates a broad space for advancement in medical technology, diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare services.

To facilitate knowledge exchange and education for both dentists and visitors, potential patients, this event includes conferences, lectures, and workshops where professionals present the latest research, techniques, and treatments. This is crucial for skill enhancement, staying updated on the latest trends, and implementing best practices. Expert sessions introduce new materials, instruments, and techniques that improve the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems, innovative materials such as high aesthetic ceramics, biomaterials, and composites, innovative instruments and techniques like digitally guided implantology, laser therapy, and endodontic techniques, and more.

Medident wouldn’t be what it is without also being a place where humanitarian activities and socially responsible business are initiated. This primarily involves offering free medical and dental services, examinations, treatments or advice, especially for vulnerable groups.


The International Fair of Medicine and Dentistry “Medident” will be open from Thursday, November 30th, until Saturday, December 2nd, 2023.

The working hours of the Fair are from 10 am to 7 pm, and on the last day until 6 pm.

The price of a single ticket is 500 RSD, while group tickets are 300 RSD. The parking fee within the fairgrounds is 150 RSD per hour.