The International Fair of Medicine and Dentistry, MEDIDENT, has been the most respected regional medical business, commercial, and educational trade fair for decades. In Hall 3 of the Belgrade Fair, from November 30th to December 2nd, 2023, over 50 domestic and regional exhibitors, as well as representatives of foreign companies, will gather. Under the slogan “Together for Health,” all of them aim to present a comprehensive offer, primarily focusing on dental, as well as other medical and laboratory equipment and supplies, pharmaceutical and other products, and services. Their goal is to demonstrate that they are a vital support within the entire profession and its associated industries.

The goal of Medident is to gather medical professionals, manufacturers of medical and dental equipment, researchers, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and patients, to serve as a platform for knowledge exchange, presenting innovations, promoting new technologies, and providing education to foster business relationships and enhance healthcare practices. Experts have the opportunity to learn new techniques and methods, establish connections and encourage collaboration, while patients can get informed about the latest achievements and take a more active role in maintaining their health. Medident creates a broad space for advancement in medical technology, diagnostics, therapy, and healthcare services.

Hence, it’s no surprise that there is increased interest from medical firms in Medident and the phenomenon of the return of former long-time exhibitors who were temporarily disconnected from this exclusive event due to the previous turbulent years. This is the case with the company 011 Medical Group, authorized for the import, service, and sales, as well as training of medical personnel in the use of equipment used in many medical institutions.

Given that a significant segment of this event is focused on dentistry, Medident provides an opportunity for professionals in this medical field to effectively present the latest technologies, devices, and equipment for patient care. Digital dentistry, CAD/CAM technology, 3D printing, laser therapy… these are just a few of the technological possibilities whose effectiveness can be considered, presented, and assessed at the fair.

To facilitate knowledge exchange and education for both dentists and visitors – potential patients, this event includes conferences, lectures, and workshops where professionals present the latest research, techniques, and treatments. This is crucial for skill enhancement, staying updated on the latest trends, and implementing best practices. Expert sessions introduce new materials, instruments, and techniques that improve the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems, innovative materials such as high aesthetic ceramics, biomaterials, and composites, innovative instruments and techniques like digitally guided implantology, laser therapy, and endodontic techniques, and more.

Various medical devices, instruments, and materials used in medicine and dentistry are expected to be presented at the fair: complete dental units (complex systems containing a patient chair, working instruments, vacuum and compressor systems, and other functionalities that facilitate dental treatments), intraoral cameras, laser devices (for gum treatment, caries removal, teeth whitening, and other dental procedures), CAD/CAM technology (for digital designing and fabrication of dental restorations like crowns, bridges, and veneers), digital X-rays (for diagnosing cavities, periodontal issues, shaping implants…), endodontic instruments (for root canal treatment), oral scanners (for digital scanning of teeth and jaws, capable of generating precise 3D models of the patient’s oral cavity, useful for making custom oral prostheses, orthodontic therapies, and implant planning), dental instruments (probes, scalpels, forceps, curettes, dental pliers, and other tools used for examining, cleaning, and treating teeth and gums), dental implants (implants of various sizes, shapes, and materials, as well as sophisticated software tools for planning and placing implants), aesthetic dental materials (such as ceramic materials for high aesthetic inlays, onlays, veneers, and crowns, composite materials for aesthetic tooth fillings…), consumable materials (dental pastes, impression gums, disinfectants, adhesives, sterilization, and other materials essential for everyday dental practice), and more…


Working hours of the Medident fair are from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on the last day until 6 p.m.

The price for a single ticket is 500 RSD, and group tickets are 300 RSD. Parking fee within the fairground is 150 RSD per hour.

An exceptionally vibrant exhibition and demonstration activity typically take place at exhibitor stands, where mini demonstrative workshops are organized as one of the newer methods for the direct presentation of new products and materials, showing their practical applications.

For instance, the company Medical Queen – renowned for representing premier global brands such as ICX (German implants), Biolase (American dental lasers), Roland (machinery for technology), Launca (intraoral scanners, surgical sutures, hemostatics, and other related surgical materials) – premiers the Wiser 3, a diode laser with triple wavelength for soft tissues; Roland Dental Milling Machine—DG Shape—DWX-53DC, a sophisticated disc changer with smart functions; BE Filler Intradermic – hyaluronic acid-based filler for treating facial imperfections; Lumoral – an oral health solution activated by light; Audental – dedicated to dental biomaterials, particularly focusing on noble metal alloys and bioceramic materials. All alongside an exceptional range of products at promotional prices.

The company Medica Aesthetica, a renowned accredited aesthetic-educational center and exclusive importer and distributor of medical supplies and equipment, will present its extensive range of products in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Sinergy Software will present its newly developed program for managing medical practices with electronic records, scheduling, access to ICD, and financial indicators.

Sofikar Company will offer titanium matrices, both thinner (0.030 mm) and more durable, perfect due to their minimum reflection effect; double curved matrices available in three sizes and two thicknesses (curved on both sides for better fitting) and 2AD, 8AD, S-G clamps that provide retraction of the rubber dam and comfortable access to the last tooth.

New Medical Technologies introduces the global sensation, the unique Fascella device designed for use in physical therapy and rehabilitation, pain therapy, and aesthetic medicine. Its effect is achieved through a harmony of deep endogenous heat and ergonomic Fascella tools for fascia with LF massage with magic gloves. There’s a special 5% discount on the device at the fair. Additionally, the best Portable X-ray MINE ALNU, which has 25-40 times less radiation compared to the best digital X-ray, will be available with a 5% discount.

Neo Lab (Neo Densa brand) is presenting its own solutions for implant prosthetic superstructures, whose samples will be distributed as part of their promotion (abutments, links, MU abutments, screws, etc.). All visitors at the stand will be given 10% discount on their first order.

Curaprox, a proven leader in oral hygiene preservation, with products developed and designed in Switzerland, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year.

Besides those mentioned, the following participants will also take part in the event as old Medident friends: Neodent, Denty, Commex, Mikodental, Medipro International, Four Dental, Interdent, Digital Design Solutions, Dental Medical, Ampri Balkan, Oralent, Čeda press, Curasept, Pesa Dental, GC Europe, Dentamax, Roto Dent, Nefaser, Media Ogled, Eight Stars, Sax, Ortho Tech, and others will be present. Additionally, new exhibitors that have entrusted Medident include Codexpro, Cute, Dunav Plast, Oral B, Royal dent, Neo Dens, Intenational Health, and others.

Medident wouldn’t be what it is without also being a place where humanitarian activities and socially responsible business are initiated. This primarily involves offering free medical and dental services, examinations, treatments or advice, especially for vulnerable groups. At the Blue Circle stand, there will be free blood sugar, blood pressure, and body mass index measurements. Diabetic patients will have the opportunity to receive expert advice and education. At the Women Plus stand (Association for Helping Women Affected by HIV), interested individuals can access educational materials. The Association “All on the Scale” conducts free preventive check-ups (body weight measurements on special scales). There will also be educational workshops on oral hygiene and donations of medical and dental equipment or materials to humanitarian service providers, etc.

In addition to their range of products, the companies participating in this year’s event will enrich their presentations with the traditional aspect of Medident—the accompanying professional program and expert presentations of the prepred trade fair programs.