GAMA DIGITAL CENTAR was founded in 2014 with the expansion of GAMA STUDIOS into digital and large format printing activities.

For five years, GDC has grown rapidly, revealing the secrets of a slightly different market compared to offset panel lighting, on which Gama Studio has been a leader for years.

The company has grown rapidly in the large format market, whilst the quality has been recognized very quickly by its customers. Business activity has also been extended to direct UV printing of promo gifts with the purchase of UJF Mimaki 6042 MKII, as well as with the purchase of laser engraver and of so far the best version of Xeikon 8800.

As already known, GDC is also a publisher of the award-winning Grafika magazine, which covers all current topics in the field. Grafima 2019 will also present a new issue expanded to over 100 pages.