Europapier, European leader as Grafima Host

The host of Grafima 2019, EUROPAPIER DUNAV, is a member of Europapier Group from Austria, a leading trader in paper and graphic industry across 12 countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The Group boasts over 50 warehouses in the countries in which it operates, with a capacity of over 150,000 pallets, which makes about 68,000 tons of goods. Europapier also offers comprehensive privileged distribution services in all countries, with a standard next-day delivery time.

The volume of business and reputation of Europapier is also reflected in an annual turnover of over 550,000 tonnes of more than 5,000 different products, which amounts to a financial turnover of close to 500 million euros. Europapier covers a market of 310 million people, serving as many as 2,000 satisfied customers a day.

With 45 employees and four branches in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Cacak and Nis, the company is able to meet the needs of the entire market and be a loyal partner to its customers.

In paper and cardboard sector, it cooperates with the most famous European factories and provides high quality products across all segments of paper industry (Sappi and Garda coated papers, Mondi offset paper, Mondi photocopier, self-copying and self-adhesive cards, NCR and thermal papers …).

Europapier, European leader as Grafima Host

Following a profitable business philosophy, developing business models, investing in diversity of supply and following market demands, Europapier Dunav has expanded its product range and opened two new sectors within the company – Visual Communications and Hygiene.

The offer is enriched with graphic materials, notably offset and flexo plates of Huaguang manufacturer (one of the world’s leading offset and flexographic board companies, owned by the Chinese Space Exploration Agency!), thus making Europapier a recognized supplier for these materials. Aside from panels – thermal, conventional and HG flexographic ones – the range also includes colors, chemistry and adhesives.

In collaboration with the Italian manufacturer Flexa, 2019 Europapier will have the opportunity to showcase machines that automate and speed up finishing processes. These are, first of all, solutions to laminating, cutting and welding – the laminator for lamination of flat-like and flexible Easy Lite materials, then high-efficiency XY cutter, which combines horizontal and vertical cutting with maximum precision of Miura Plus, and welding machine ideal for joining banners made of PVC, cotton, polyester, latex, canvas, etc. – Apollo 155.

Europapier, European leader as Grafima Host

Europapier Dunav has entered the field of visual communications, or business activity of large format digital printing, relatively recently, but triumphantly. The company assortment consists of: PVC foils and lamination (monomers, polymers, cast, one way vision, translucent, banner, write-delete, wrap films, projector and real mirrors, sandblasting, reflective, cut and transfer foils); paper (blueback, citylight, photo, wallpapers, scroll); tarpaulin banners (laminated and cast/frontlit, backlit, blockout, mesh), roll up materials/ backlit films/textiles/thermal transfer materials/magnets; boards (corrugated white-white cardboards/plastic PVC boards/foam board); promo equipment (roll up/promo counter/ pop-up counter/ backdrop); various tools and application devices.

The company is particularly proud of myMEDIA brand, which is represented across 12 European countries and includes various types of media of well-known European and Far Eastern suppliers such as Mactac, Grafityp, Aslan, Poly-tape, Decal, Lecta Group, Kammerer, Arplen, Bilcare , Model Group…

Europapier exhibition stand is registered under No. 4027 and is located in Hall 4 of Belgrade Fair.