GRAFIKUM is a local company focused on our local market and as such it supports enterprises engaged in graphic industry. Without good service and support, every investment, even the smallest, is uncertain. For this reason, the company boasts a strong service within the company, but also reliable external associates. Moreover, the brands they represent are either the best or among the best.

Grafikum also has a cliché studio and owing to Kodak FLexcel NX equipment it has shown a constant growth in cliché production, and achieves a high level of print quality that is measurable with gravure and offset printing.

As part of its appearance at Grafima 2019, Grafikum has organized a lecture on how to print colors easily and economically, and thus achieve consistent color quality through various printing technologies, as well as solutions CGS offers regarding color management, standardization and print optimization. The lecturer will be Mr. Gilbert van Cauwenberg of CGS Publishing Technologies, who will be available to visitors throughout the fair.