Three business events were festively opened at Belgrade Fair – 13th International Energy Fair, 14th International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair and the 6th International Smart Technology Fair – iSEC – Smart and Safe Cities.

“New Energy – Smart Cities”, the mutual events slogan, shows the substantial connection of the energy, environmental, communication-technological and security survival basis of the entire human civilization, with the special focus on its urban context. The Fairs are held at the Hall 1 and take place until Friday, October 6.

With her gratitude to the companies attending this year’s events,   Mirjana Filipović, State Secretary in the Ministry of Mining and Energy opened the Fairs festively. Pointing out the Energy Fair is an important get together, supported by the relevant Ministry, Mirjana Filipović said Serbia was at an enviable level as regarding both the Electric Power Industry of Serbia and other companies, but, in addition to the preservation of the traditional energy sources, further investment in the new, renewable energy sources was necessary, as well.

A speaker at the Festive Opening was also Milorad Grčić, Acting CEO of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia, reminding the EPS was the largest and most important company in Serbia and one of the economy columns, since more than 30 thousand employees earn for existence there, but also tens of thousands of the employees in the cooperation companies. Grčić reminded the EPS continues its reorganization, investments into the modernization and production capacity expansion, as well as the stable power transport. The EPS ‘future’ is proved also by better rank at the list of the most successful companies in Southeast Europe – from the 19th position, the EPS ‘jumped’ to the 7th one, pointed out  Grčić.

These events get professional and organizational support from all relevant Ministries of the Republic of Serbia – Ministry of Mining and Energy, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Ministry of Public of Administration and Local Self-Government, as well as Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other trade Associations, corporate organizations, Academic, educational and research institutions, as well as specialized media.

ENERGY 2017.

The International Energy Fair, with the UFI license, is the regional and integration leader in the connecting of all sections and factors of the energy sector in this part of Europe. It is also the largest annual regional get together of companies, corporations, enterprises, institutions and professionals in the sectors of electric power, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency or mining.

The program basis of the Fair consists of production and excavation, enriching, distribution, transport, warehousing, or direct use of both the existing and potential natural resources and energy sources, but also scientific research work, smart technologies, energy saving and efficiency, educational support and all other branches as a part of the energy foundation and initiator of the complete corporate and public life of Serbia and the region.

Energy 2017 gathers representatives of more than 150 local and international energy agglomerates, companies, institutions and organizations from about ten countries. It has got the pointed out business character, confirmed by more than 8,000 announced local and international business visitors and professionals, but also several hundred processed interactions among the attendees. Thus, the market character of this event is highlighted, since it is also the opportunity to feature and connect the investors, equipment manufacturers, the relevant administration, financial institutions, Local Self-Government and all other most important factors which can contribute to stability and affirmation of this economic sector.


International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair, the 14th edition, is devoted to the environmental protection systems and methods. It is especially focused on Circular Economy, recycling industry, waste management, public utility technologies, nature and natural resources protection against pollution. EcoFair is an economic/educational event and the most representative get together of this type in this part of Europe.

This event has got the pointed out international character, not only because of many international attendees, but also due to the local legal context (with capital financial effects), since even 30 percent of the normative part of the forthcoming negotiation process of the accession to the European Union is related to the environmental problems.

The exhibiting and conference program structure consists of all sections of environmental protection: land, air, water, natural resources, recycling, the exchange of environmental services, Local Self-Government, public utility equipment, Non-Governmental sector, etc.


The International Smart Urban Technology Fair – iSEC – Smart and Safe Cities was established as the logical evaluation of its famous precedent event devoted to high technologies supporting public and private security.  This year’s 6th iSEC is dominated by high technologies supporting any other urban services characteristic for the ‘smart and safe cities’. The digital and mobile living speed and the global affirmation of IoT communications become a significant factor of the sustainable  Circular Economy, the Green Technology use, the increase of energy efficiency… In synergy, these factors are connected logically and functionally for the benefit of safer and ‘smarter’ urban communities and this year’s iSEC shows how to do it.

About 100 local and international, direct and represented exhibitors, companies and other attendees from about twenty countries will feature to the professional audience and more than 3,500 business visitors – manufacturers, designers, installation staff, distributers and experts of trade Associations are expected there, interested in the state-of-the-art IT solutions for monitoring, sensor detection and measurement, automation, security and software/hardware smart solutions in various branches – from public security, property, personal and business security, critical infrastructure security and management and corporate security, through the traffic management, health care, school education, transport and smart houses, up to various forms of  monitoring in trading, banking, e-Government, hotel management or social networks.


Energy 2017, EcoFair 2017 and the 6th iSEC are held from October 4 – 6, at Belgrade Fair Hall 1 and the working hours of the Fairs are from 10.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m.

The individual entry ticket price is RSD.250.00 and for the students with index and group visits, the entry tickets cost RSD.100.00.  Car parking shall be paid RSD.100.00 per one started hour. The visitors may visit all the three events by one bought entry ticket.