Belgrade Fair organizes the traditional pre-fest celebration and amusement also this year – 56th Belgrade New Year’s Festival, held on December 16 – 30.

This traditional pre-fest happening, that gathered last year in the new look and format about 100,000 people, provides an opportunity to Belgrade inhabitants and their guests to wait for the New Year’s fest playing, amusing, having a good time, but also learning, socializing and fest shopping. Such events are also a strong tourism magnet for the people looking for the relaxation, positive values and atmosphere not burdened by daily life. Belgrade has got plenty of them and it is proud of them.

As a part of the Belgrade Winter event, organized by the City of Belgrade, Belgrade Fair, Tourism Organization of Belgrade, Children’s Cultural Center and the Center of Belgrade Festivals (CEBEF), the Belgrade New Year’s Festival symbolizes in an edifying and amusing way at the same time whatever was successful and promising during the year and already next year should be even better and in the spirit of increasing optimism.

At the magnificent Hall 2, free programs for children will be held daily. There are even 39 planned programs, among them also theater performances for children by the city children’s theaters, then music/scene programs with the New Year’s Show or the gala New Year’s programs with the shows of actors, masters of ceremonies, singers, choruses, orchestras and ballet. Two exclusive programs are awaiting the youngsters, with famous actors and singers, participants of the Children’s Belgrade Spring Festival 2016, organized by the Belgrade Children’s Cultural Center. Many features for children will be enhanced also by many famous children’s idols and much earlier Leontina, Minja Subota, Boda Ninković, Peđolino, Bojana Stamenov, Sergej Ćetković, Jelena Tomašević and others announced their participation.

And this is not all. At the Hall 2, younger and older gamers will also find their place, those having the gaming culture in their hearts, who cannot be without the popular games, online and e-gaming, board and card gaming, and they are not far from meeting famous Game Play Youtubers or other teenage pop culture stars. In the forthcoming days, the program in this large space will be additionally enhanced by various amusing and educative features, as well.

According to the several decades long tradition, the monumental Belgrade Fair Hall 1 will be the venue mastered by the Amusement Park, including in its offer carousels, marry-go-round, playrooms and ‘other wonders’. Like every year, this ‘territory’ of the New Year’s Festival is expected to offer the visitors at least a surprise, some of the latest wonders in this amusement type, leaving in the doubt also the bravest ones.


A spectacular introduction to this year’s Belgrade New Year’s Festival will be the anniversary 10th Science Festival, held on December 15 – 18, at Belgrade Fair Halls 3, 3A and 11. This already legendary promoter of science, scientific research and discoveries will continue under the slogan The Pure Ten ‘clarifying’ the scientific secrets and labyrinths, interpreting and demystifying them and making them more understandable and available for young generations. This Festival, having become famous for its competences, level, seriousness, but also charm also outside the limits of its country, will provide the New Year’s Festival with an inexpressible shine created by the education and amusement, learning and playing. The visitors will find the sense of this all in many side events within several interactive installations.

The first and second day of the Science Festival, Thursday and Friday, December 15 and 16, are intended primarily for the organized school visits and will be open from 10.00 a. m. to 6.00 p. m., while December 17 and 18, Saturday and Sunday, are Family Days, open from 10.00 a. m. to 8.00 p. m. For the Since Festival programs at the Halls 3, 3A and 11, the entry ticket of RSD. 450.00 shall be paid, plus the additional entry ticket of RSD.100.00 only for the physical laser show of Lund University from Sweden, at the cash counter on the spot (limited number of seats). The children up to the age of five, accompanied by their parents or trustees, do not pay the entry.

It should not be forgotten that such events do not happen without great offer of not only New Year’s gifts, but also the most diverse other consumer goods at the fest prices, of course. Thus at the Halls 1 and 2, the inevitable sales features will be situated – from food and consumer goods, up to computers and home appliances. Something for everyone and all for all from Belgrade Fair and Belgrade New Year’s Festival.

Finally, the famous Belgrade Fair Atrium will not be without excellent features this year, either, this time called The Green Oasis. Belgrade Hippodrome will organize amusing and edifying games and performances there. During them, the younger and older ones will be able to be with horses and enjoy their beauty and virtues. Srbijašume company will put efforts to arrange the space, in order to let it be as beautiful and similar to the desirable natural environment for these fine animals, but also the visitors, as possible.

Belgrade New Year’s Festival will be open from 11.00 a. m. to 8.00 p. m. The entry for all features is free of charge. The car parking shall be paid RSD.200.00 for the whole day.