New Year’s Fair

New Year’s Fair at the Belgrade Fair: Fun starts on December 15th

The time before the New Year holidays is a time when the world shines with the lights of festive decorations, while people’s hearts are filled with the warmth of peace and togetherness. The New Year brings not only a new date in the calendar but also new hope, new opportunities, and an irresistible joy that reminds us of the beauty

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Selling Exhibition of Women Refugee Handicraft Products

Under cooperation with UNHCR Serbia, Commissariat for Refugees and Migration, Novi Sad Humanitarian Center and International Rescue Committee, Crisis Response and Policy Centre – CRPC, continued to struggle for the refugees equality in Serbia. With their assistance, handmade products of refugee women were exhibited last weekend at Belgrade New Year’s Festival.

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Outstanding Fair Events before the New Year’s Eve

The pleasure before the New Year’s Eve Belgrade Fair visitors will be able to enjoy within the Belgrade Winter is spectacular this year and almost completely situated in the future. Each of the four large events have got a title – the largest one in Serbia, in the Balkans, in the region or in Europe.

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The New Year’s Festival is Closing Today

We reached Friday, December 30, the last day of this year’s Belgrade New Year’s Festival. The youngsters have got the opportunity to see also today three performances at the usual time. Santa Claus at the Last Moment is the performance title played by Mask Theater at the Hall 2, at 11.00 a. m. After this, at 4.00 p. m., Happy

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Use This Remaining Weekend at the Festival

Everything is ready for another nice weekend at Belgrade Fair. With the traditional amusement in the Amusement Park and Green Oasis, as well as shopping of the fest minor things, the visitors, first of all youngsters, are expected by an interesting cultural/amusing program. Saturday is reserved for Minja Subota and the happening performed by him for children for many years.

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Song and Dance Mark the Festival

For Friday, December 23, we recommend the cultural/amusing program to the youngsters and their parents. Maximus Art at 11.00 a. m. performs Santa Claus New Year’s Concert at 11.00 a. m. Another performance of Happy Theatre has been planned for today at this year’s Festival. This Theatre actors have got the performance Two Christmas Trees at 4.00 p. m. and

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Magic Moments to Remember

With 56 long tradition it was not difficult for us to perform spectacular this year’s Belgrade New Year’s Festival opening at Belgrade Fair. Beside the magic charms always brought by the Magic Charms, Leontina’s Children Chorus, Minja Subota, the eternal children’s idol, also contributed to the music program beauty and charm. With the sounds of the children’s fest song “Jingle

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Today’s Program – both plentiful and free of charge

A plentiful art and cultural/amusing program has been prepared for Thursday, December 22 at Belgrade Fair. “The Wise Piglet at the New Year’s Eve”, PAN Theatre performance, “opens” at 11.00 a. m. today’s amusement at the Fair. At 4.00 p. m. HAPPY Theater performs the show “Two Chistmas Trees”. This performance will be completed by Leontina’s music show program. The

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Diverse Amusement

Belgrade New Year’s Festival lasts till December 30. During the next ten days, many theater performances and various cultural/educational events for children will be performed at Belgrade Fair Hall 2. Tuesday, December 20, is reserved for Pan Theater and the performance Snowwhite in the Country of Dwarfs. The show begins at 11.00 a. m. The same Theater will perform on

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“It Would be Just Fine” – Music Cabaret

The New Year’s music cabaret “It Would be Just Fine”, performed by the Good Country Theater is on program at 11.00 a. m. at Belgrade Fair. The youngsters and their parents may enjoy this cabaret free of charge, performed at the Hall 2. Like every day, the Fair entry is free of charge and, in addition to the cultural/amusement program

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The Fair Offer – Song, Dance, Amusement and Shopping

Belgrade New Year’s Festival has been lasting at the Fair for several days, marked by various side events. The visitors have got the opportunity to enjoy the traditional shopping, Amusement Park, a habit of Belgrade inhabitants for many years, to participate in the Green Oasis features in the Atrium and the 10th Since Festival is still going on. The cultural/amusement

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Saturday at the Fair

The pre-fest mood has begun and the weekend is an excellent opportunity for amusement. Belgrade Fair has put efforts to offer to the youngsters and their parents a diverse program, till the end of December and all features are free of charge. This Saturday at 11.00 a. m. the program features ARS LONGA with the performance "The New Year’s Gift

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The youngsters will enjoy this

Already on the first day of Belgrade New Year’s festival, the youngsters and their escorts will enjoy the prepared programs. At 11.00 a. m., the Good Country Theatre performs the New Year’s Music Cabaret “It Would Be Just Fine”. Since 4.00 p. m., the Happy Theatre performs the show “Two Christmas Trees”, which will be completed by Leontina’s music show.

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Play, Enjoy, Learn Something

Belgrade New Year’s Festival festive opening has been appointed for the afternoon, but visitors may enjoy the Festival programs already since 11.00 a. m. (on Friday, December 16). This Belgrade Fair event is a part of the city spectacle – Belgrade Winter. The Festival is intended for those wishing to complete the fest feeling before the New Year’s Eve by

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