The time before the New Year holidays is a time when the world shines with the lights of festive decorations, while people’s hearts are filled with the warmth of peace and togetherness. The New Year brings not only a new date in the calendar but also new hope, new opportunities, and an irresistible joy that reminds us of the beauty of life.

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This year’s New Year’s Fair, a 61-year tradition at the Belgrade Fair, promises to deliver joy, a holiday spirit, and a beauty of life. It will take place from Friday, December 15th, until Saturday, December 30th.

At this event, visitors of all ages will be given the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable atmosphere that announces the upcoming holidays and promises inevitable relaxation. With a rich program and plenty of surprises, welcoming the 2024 year will be a memorable event filled with laughter, games, music, and a true holiday spirit.

The Belgrade Fair transforms into the home of the largest indoor amusement park in the Balkans, active during this time of the year.

This holiday oasis offers something for everyone—merry-go-rounds, play areas, carousels, a race track, a ‘roto-panorama,’ a ‘house of horror,’ slides, and many other games designed to get the adrenaline pumping. Even the bravest will be challenged by numerous adrenaline-fueled surprises and unique wonders of this kind of entertainment.

Beyond play and fun, visitors will encounter the unexpected in this type of amusement, putting even the boldest individuals to serious tests.

Besides thrilling rides, visitors can also enjoy shopping for New Year’s gifts, appropriate toys, souvenirs, and various other consumer goods at holiday prices. Numerous catering services, from barbecues to sweets, offer additional inspiration for those aiming to enter the winter and holiday season with maximum optimism and tranquility.

The entrance to the New Year’s Fair is free, opening its doors to all who want to experience holiday magic, while the use of the attractions is charged at favourable prices, based on visitors’ choices.

The New Year’s Fair will be open in Hall 1 of the Belgrade Fair every working day from 1 PM to 8 PM and on weekends from 12 PM to 8 PM.

The parking fee within the fairground is 150 dinars per hour.

Let the New Year’s Fair at the Belgrade Fair become an unforgettable experience for the whole family, offering joy, play, and the opportunity for holiday shopping in a unique setting!