The pleasure before the New Year’s Eve Belgrade Fair visitors will be able to enjoy within the Belgrade Winter is spectacular this year and almost completely situated in the future. Each of the four large events have got a title – the largest one in Serbia, in the Balkans, in the region or in Europe. However, the visitors will have to assure themselves of the shine of each of them.

The program begins with the Science Festival, the largest scientific festival in the region. It is held in Belgrade Fair halls 5, 7, 8 and 9, from Thursday, December 14, to Sunday, December 17, 10.00 a. m. to 7.00 p. m. This superior scientific party introduces into the world of the highest scientific challenges, the most diverse scientific experiments and unforgettable scientific adventures, into the society of smart and uncompromising knights of knowledge and positive spirit.

Games.Con, the largest festival of gaming and pop culture in Serbia, begins on Friday, December 15 and will last until Sunday, December 17 and it is held in the halls 2, 3 and 3A, from 10.00 a. m. to 10.00 p. m. The visitors are expected at one place by countless free playing zones, the highest technologies, more than 30 tournaments in computer games, social games and consoles, Comics Fair, the best cosplayers, the largest selling space for the craftsmen, competitions, quizzes, workshops and teen age pop culture stars in the side event program.

Future Park, the largest entertainment cyber park in Europe, is held in Belgrade Fair hall 4, from Friday, December 15 to Sunday, December 24, from 10.00 a. m. to 9.00 p. m. The visitors have got the opportunity to participate in more than 30 latest interactive games, to support the international teams at the gaming tournament, to try 3D Experience Activations, but also to entertain with various music and theater programs.

The traditional Amusement Park will be open from Friday, December 15 to Saturday, December 30, in the halls 1 and 1A|, from 10.00 a. m. to 9.00 p. m.

By several decades long tradition (since one should not forget this is even the 57 edition of this celebration event before the New Year’s Eve), the monumental Belgrade Fair Hall 1 will be the venue ruled by fantastic merry-go-rounds, playing rooms, and other wonders incomprehensible for those burdened by the surplus age, but also those for whom the age is an additional motive and adrenaline. As every year, this ‘territory’ of the New Year’s Festival is expected to offer a surprise to the visitors, some of the latest wonders in this type of amusement, which leaves also the bravest ones in doubt. This is however the largest amusement park at this time of the year in the whole Balkans.

Do not forget such events are not without the offer of not only New Year’s Eve gifts, but also the most diverse consumer goods at the holiday prices, of course. Thus, the inevitable selling features will be located in the hall 1A, as well, primarily the consumer goods.

The entry into the Amusement Park is free of charge and the use of features shall be paid and the prices have not been changed in the last five years.

From December 14 to 30, the car parking price before the New Year’s Eve within the Fair ground is RSD.200.00 per day.