Also the second day of the Fair trio Energy – Environment – iSEC Smart Cities is full of conference professional program.

Thus, in its Energy section, already at 11:00, at the Blue Conference Hall of the Hall 1A, the program topic is Investments. Within it, the executed, current and announced investment projects of Electric Power Industry of Serbia will be presented and TE-KO B3, TENT desulphurization, Kostolac Wind Park and other projects will be discussed.

Further within the program, at the same venue, follows the meeting of the Network of Serbian Energy Managers of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities. Current situation in the implementation of the enrgy management system at the local level, the legal frame of energy recovery of residence buildings, consulting assistance for the advancement of the buildings energy efficiency, etc. will be discussed.

In the Environment section of this event, at the Green Conference Hall of the Hall 1A, already at 10:15 begins the presentation of investment projects in the Local Self-Governments. In the extremely plentiful range of topics, the main ones are Environment friendly technologies for the public utility waste use as energy source; The transfer station role in the modern waste management system and the importance of the landfill fee introduction; Projects withinwaste management from cities/municipalities – SLAP Basis; Case studies in Serbian Municipal Industry; Financing, financial indexes, business organization in the regional waste management and recycling industry, regional landfill problems, EU money attracting in the investments into the public utility infrastructure; Circular Economy;  Monitoring of the air quality and its importance, as well as many other topics.

The Red Conference Hall of the Hall 1A will be full, as well. Already at 10:10, there is the panel discussion there devoted to the Experiences in the implementation of the Law of Information Security. Then follow IoT security challenges and cyber privacy in Smart and Safe Cities – Challenges of GDPR ; Public/private partnership in cyber security and information security management in Smart Cities; Safe e-Government and safe business in cyber space; Advanced technologies use in the high technology crime prevention; Radio frequency spectrum use in smart cities and the analysis of many other specific problems  within the smart urban technologies.

The attendees, discussion participants and exhibitors are the experts from the relevant Ministries and other state authorities, companies, institutes and scientific research institutions.

At the same time, at its stand 1326-1 at the Hall 1, from 12:00 to 17:00, the  Institute for Standardization of Serbia will present first the standards within the construction energy efficiency and then also within the air conditioning, heating and cooling.