The International Medicine and Dental Medicine Fair – 42nd Medident was festively opened at Belgrade Fair and will take place until Saturday, October 14.

Special importance to this year’s event, going “upwards” for a long time anyway, provides Prof. Dr. Nadežda Basara, chematologist and oncologist, who opened the 42nd International Medicine and Dental Medicine Fair as the representative of its profession. This “world famous” lady from Belgrade, globally famous as the expert for the stem cell transplantation, accepted the Medident Promoter role, saying at the Festive Opening Ceremony she was happy to get that position, at the same time a nice and obliging one:

– Medicine develops passionately and in order to keep pace with global achievements, it is important to attend professional meetings, exchange of the medical point of view with the colleagues, as well as to find out the opportunities and effects of contemporary and precise diagnostics. Since Serbia is high ranking on the list of countries with cancer diseased people compared with the number of inhabitants, special attention should be paid to prevention and extremely important is the team work, in which there is no place for vanity.

Prof. Dr. Nadežda Basara also said the patient was in the center of all activities, everything was ’turning around him’ and the whole society should work to let it remain that way – medical doctors, exhibitors, politicians, journalists… The information in due course was significant also for quackery prevention, media were important in that job, but Medical Associations and Chambers, Ministry of Health and all similar institutions had to be included in that.

prof. dr Ferenc Vicko, državni sekretar u Ministarstvu zdravlja

Having mentioned the Medident was a great event that helped medical staff to follow the global trends, Prof. Dr. Ferenc Vicko, State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, said at the Medident festive opening Serbia was on the good way, since it fought successfully with the waiting lists, medical doctors migration, medical centers networking… He did not agree with the attitude of Professor Nadežda Basara that Serbia was at the unenviable position by the number of cancer diseased people, as it went up since 2012, when it was at the last place, to the 30th one in 2016 and already this year, it took the 24th place.

– Linking of all medical institutions, even the private ones, in one network is particularly important for the patients, since this leads to the best functioning and better quality of medical services, said State Secretary. – For the nation’s health dental prevention is also important, promotion of technological achievements, but also friendly relations and the exchange of experiences of medical doctors at the Medicine and Dental Medicine Fair. I wish successful Fait to the hosts, exhibitors and visitors, hoping Medident will continue its further growing.


Medident is a trade fair that gathers both trade and general audience by its exhibiting offer, but also many professional, educational and promotional features. This year, more than 100 exhibitors from even about fifteen countries exhibit the state of the art medical, dental and laboratory equipment and tools, pharmaceutical products and promote also the services in various medical branches. It is famous as the oldest and most representative fair event of this type in the region. It is devoted to health, contemporary treatment methods and scientific achievements promotion in all health care sections. It is the venue of intensive business meetings of the manufacturers, salesmen, distributers and users of medical equipment, the venue where the experts exchange and get new skills and experiences.