The Open Book got the new “owner” – it was taken by the the Ambassadors of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. These countries will get ready in the following one year for the special role at the 62nd International Belgrade Book Fair, where they should present to the Serbian reader publics the literature in German language. The Open Book Handover actually announced this year’s Fair closing and the end of featuring Iran as the Guest of Honor.

Having pointed out he was especially pleased that the end of his mandate in Serbia was marked by such a cultural event and the special role of Iran in it, His Excellency the Ambassador, Mr. Majid Fahimpour said Iran featured however just a small part of its history, culture and civilization during the Book Fair. More than happy about the response of the audience and the number of visitors to their booth, the Ambassador of Iran said also this year’s motto Books into Your Hands was the best message sent from the Fair – the books should be in the hands and mobile phones in the pockets. The books are those “Taking out of darkness, taking to the light, they are the rescue against the lack of knowledge”.

Taking over the Open Book, His Excellency Mr. Axel Wilhelm Dittmann, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Serbia, thanked the Book Fair for the exception – all German speaking countries will have the role of the Guest of Honor 2017:

– It is an excellent idea that Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein attend it together, since these are the countries, in which German is the official language. We are politically sovereign countries, but culture wipes out borders, we are all together in it. Iran had a beautiful booth and we shall put efforts next year to continue the tradition. Beside beautiful and interesting books, we shall prepare plentiful side event program, literary evenings, reading for children and youth… We shall provide our contribution to this great event and we are already now looking forward to it, said the German Ambassador.