International Belgrade Book Fair – Deviation from Distance

The second day of the tribune program at the Belgrade Fair began at 1 pm with a tribune dedicated to Borislav Pekić. On the topic “And who ate the locusts?” – Ninety years since the birth of Borislav Pekić ” talked Gojko Božović, Nebojša Bradić, Slobodan Vladušić and moderator was Vladan Bajčeta.

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Announcement of the two-day tribune program “Deviation from Distance” of the International Belgrade Book Fair

Digital two-day tribune program “Deviation from Distance” of the International Belgrade Book Fair When, on the last day of the 64th International Belgrade Book Fair, which took place under the slogan LETTER = HEAD, the Ambassador of Egypt presented the “Open Book” to the in charge of d’affaires of the Romanian Embassy, ​​announcing that our neighbors will be honorary guests

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Belgrade Book Fair Presented at the 31st Moscow International Book Fair

The Delegation of the City of Belgrade and Belgrade Book Fair presented at 31st Moscow International Book Fair the forthcoming Belgrade Book Fair, the most important literary and cultural events of Belgrade, the cultural and tourism potential of Belgrade, as well as the importance of Belgrade Book Fair and Belgrade Fair events in the establishing of economic, cultural and political

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Four Countries, One Language

Contemporary literature of a great and polycentric European language – German, gathered four countries at the Book Fair this year – Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. The writers and publishers from these countries will present to the visitors in the next seven days about a thousand books of contemporary authors, among them even 350 tiles as premiere.

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