Before the forthcoming Tourism Fair, Mediteraneo travel agency highlights a part of its plentiful offer prepared this year for the summer tourism season, but also all other travels.

The Agency representatives remind the direct charter flight to the magic Kos Island has been included again. The island informs the tourists closer about the plentiful history and unbelievable beaches.

For all those wishing an adventure, rest, new horizons, unsearched areas, separate coves and Greece in its original form – Rhodes and Crete are an excellent selection and these islands are the proposal for family travels, as well.

By the First Minute Offer payment in Mediteraneo, the tourists may get a place at the most beautiful and photogenic island – Santorini, under very good conditions.

Samos is also one of the recommended destinations. The green island with the untouched coast became popular for our tourists in a very short time period and the direct flight is special facilitation. Samos is certainly becoming one of the most demanded destinations and the travel fans should discover the reason.

Using the Eat Around service almost at all Greek islands from the offer of Mediteraneo agency, the tourists may enjoy the diverse offer of the Greek or Mediterranean cuisine.