Postponed events Nautic Fair, Tourism Fair and Horeca Equipment Fair

Despite the best will and desire for the tourism and hospitality industry to gather in the Belgrade Fair’s halls, in order to start economic activities in probably the most severely affected branch of the industry, the Belgrade Fair has decided to postpone the 43rd Tourism Fair and the 17th Horeca Catering Equipment Fair. The current epidemiological situation still leaves no

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Tourism Fair has started!

Minister Ljajic: 2020 is the year of reforms and new investments in Serbian tourism The 42nd International Tourism Fair followed by three related exhibitions entitled BeoWine International Wine Fair, Horeca-Equipment International Hotel and Catering Equipment Fair and Visit Serbia Souvenir Fair have began at Belgrade Fair.

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Great Tourism Event Is Set to Take Place in February at Belgrade Fair

Belgrade Fair is currently preparing for the biggest tourism event both in Serbia and Southeast Europe – i.e, for the 42nd International Tourism Fair and its accompanying events: The 11th BeoWine International Wine Fair, the 16th HORECA-EQUIPMENT Hotel and Catering Equipment Fair, and the 16th Visit Serbia Souvenir Fair.

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Ana Brnabić: Serbia is Recognizable Again, Owing to Tourism

Opening of the Fairs of Tourism, Wine, Hotel & Catering Equipment and Souvenirs is a spectacle attracting annually great attention of Belgrade Fair guests, exhibitors and visitors. It was like this this year, as well and the Anniversary 40th Tourism Fair and three related events were festively opened by Ms. Ana Brnabić, Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia.

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Žabalj Sights

Žabalj Municipality territory was settled continuously from the New Stone Age to the present time. This is witnessed by many complexes located mostly at high terraces of the old Tisa bank, Jegrička and Small Pond.

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Vranjska Spa

Vranjska Spa is located in Southern Serbia, 12 kilometers from Vranje, at the height of 380 m above sea level. It has got an outstanding convenient position, since it is just three kilometers far from the international highway E75 and two kilometers from the railway station. It is in the valley of the Banjštica river, at the base of Besna

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Maestro Travel

Maestro Travel agency is recognizable for its plentiful offer of summer holiday packages in Bulgaria. At the Black Sea coast, it offers to the tourists 14 destinations with more than 500 hotels.

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Tourism Organization of Oplenac

Topola is 80 kilometers far from Belgrade and its convenient geographic position at the crossroads makes it an inevitable travel destination. At the peak of Oplenac Hill, there is St. George’s Church and the Mausoleum of Karađorđević Royal Family and the King Petar I Karađorđević Foundation, at present famous as Petar’s House.

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Slovenian Curative Water

Slovenia is a beautiful green country, where the story of thermal and mineral curative, revitalizing and caring water may be heard anywhere. Orhidelio, the most prestigious and awarded Wellness in Slovenia, has to be visited, Donat or Radenska should be drunk for health, Honey and Fruit Bath in Thermana Laško should be tried, enjoy like the Ancient Romans in Roman

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Niška Spa Institute

Niška Spa Institute is a medical, scientific / educational and research institution dealing in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases. A long tradition, implementation of contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and natural factor of treatment (curing water, Peloid and gas) are connected in the Institute.

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