The International Fairs Energy 2017 and EcoFair 2017 are held under the same roof, at the same time and under the mutual motto New Energy, in order to show the fact they represent two substantially connected sides of a unique global phenomenon, the global trend with the objective of sustainable development and Circular Economy.

The International Energy Fair is the regional and integration leader in the connecting of all sections and factors of the energy sector in this part of Europe and the largest and most respected annual regional get together of companies, corporations, enterprises, institutions and professionals in the sectors of electric power, coal, oil and gas, renewable energy sources, energy efficiency or mining from Serbia and the region.

Both in the exhibiting and conference programs this outstanding international event with the high UFI license includes all thematic sublevels – from the new smart technologies and scientific research work, through the energy production, distribution and management to the energy saving.

The International Fair of Environmental and Natural Resource Protection – EcoFair is devoted to the environmental protection system and methods with special focus on Circular Economy, recycling industry, waste management, public utility technologies, nature and natural resource protection against pollution.

The program basis of these Fairs are international conferences, round table conferences, panel discussions, lectures and presentations and some of the topics are Investments into the Energy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources and the Smart and Sustainable City Technologies, Partnership Potentials of the Local and Global Companies in This Branch, Public Policies within the Environmental Protection, Positions of the Participant Key Groups, Investment Day in Energy and Environmental Protection, Circular Economy as an Opportunity for Green Economy Development, Environmental Technologies for Public Utility Waste Use as Energy Source, The Day of Regional Public Utility Professionals and Project Presentation within Waste Management, Current Situation in the Implementation of Energy Management System at the Local Level, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources Supporting the Environmental Protection, E-mobility Forum devoted to the potentials of electric vehicle industry, etc.

The attendance of about 150 direct and indirect exhibitors is expected, among them one fifth of the international ones from about ten countries and more than business visitors from Serbia and the region.

An extraordinary support to these Fairs is provided by many economic, Academic, research and trade organizations and institutions and special role belongs to the relevant Ministries – Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia and Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia.

Special this year’s privilege for all attendees, exhibitors and visitors at the Fairs Energy 2017 and EcoFair 2017 is also the 6th International Smart Technology Fair – iSEC – Smart and Safe Cities, at the same time, under the same Fair hall domes, even under the same slogan, devoted to the smart and safe cities and advanced urban technologies. Thus, these three events will be a unique multidiscipline platform for the logistics to some of the most important present topics, such as energy, energy efficiency, environment, cities security and smart management.

The Fairs will be open for visitors at Belgrade Fair Hall 1 from Wednesday to Friday, October 4 – 6. From 10.00 a. m. to 5.00 p. m. The entry ticket price for unregistered visitors is RSD.250.00, RSD.100.00 for the students with their index, RSD.100.00 for group visits and the car parking shall be paid RSD.100.00 per one hour.