There are less than 24 hours until Medident opening and this is the right time to remind of the importance and continuous growth of this event – at the 42nd International Medicine and Dental Medicine Fair more than 100 exhibitors from even about fifteen countries will feature. In spite of being signed as business event, this show attacts great attention of general audience, as well.

The Medicine and Dental Medicine Fair is at the same time the venue of intensive business meetings of manufacturers, salesmen and users of medical equipment, the venue where the experts exchange and get new skills, experiences and business partners, but also a venue devoted to health, prevention, contemporary treatment methods and promotion of scientific achievements in all sections.

At the same time with business side events, at Belgrade Fair Hall 4 the ’common’ visitors are expected by traditional presentations, free examinations, massage treatments, various demonstration parctices, brief promotional/educational programs, the action of voluntary blood spending and many other services.

Beside the promotional/educational program, Medident has got also this year an extremely plentiful and expert side event program with accredited lectures.

In the event announcement, the information should not be missed that the Promoter of this year’s Medident is Professor Dr. Nadežda Basara, chematologist and oncologist, one of the global experts in stem cells transplantation, who will speak on behalf of the experts at the event festive opening, as well.