Bexing Ltd. company was established in 1990 and since establishing it has been manufacturing fire extinguishing, public utility and special vehicles and related equipment. Bexing Ltd is the agent for Serbia of several renowned global companies, leaders in their branch, such as Rosenbauer (Austria), Holmatro (Holland), Hytrans (Holland), Bauer (Germany), Pennelli (Italy)., etc.

Within its product range, Bexing also offers the latest vehicles on electric, gas and hybrid drive, intended for passenger transport in the city, suburban and intercity traffic, as well the use in tourism, public utility companies, etc. These vehicles are especially suitable for passenger transport in the pedestrian zones of the city center, transport of disabled persons, senior persons and pregnant women. They have modern shape, easy to handle, comfortable, silent, dynamic and smaller and at the same time without environment pollution. They are an extremely cost effective selection, since they spend only about 1.5 EUR electric power on 100 km of the road.

Briefly, these are the future vehicles, since they are environment friendly and at the same time offer maximum capacity and comfort. The maintenance costs are also lower than those of the classic cars.


Bexing has got its own production plant in Rušanj, where our office is located, as well as the sales center and repair shop on almost 4,000 sq. m. indoor space.

At the EcoFair, the company features by the product range of electric public utility vehicles and related equipment.