Young Designer Exhibition is an important section of this year’s 54th International Fair of Furniture, Equipment and Interior Decoration. This is not a surprise, since special attention has been paid to design in the new Furniture Fair conception and young authors have got authentic ideas, but also the objective of promoting and affirming them.

The Exhibition attendees are the leading young artists from the whole region, featuring their products, concepts and ideas for furniture, lighting and accessories production for home, business and public facilities arrangement and furnishing.

The focus on the young authors’ promotion provides a unique situation review in the contemporary design. New people and new ideas contribute to design popularizing, it starts “conquering” the position that belongs to it and thus creates the additional necessary step in the direct networking process of all factors in the product and market creation.

Some of the young designers at the Furniture Fair will meet manufacturers, distributers and end buyers for the first time, which is an important step in the individual development. At the same time, the audience and expert publics have got the opportunity to see how the young forces think and see design.