Like in previous years, 1 A Travel agency prepared travel packages with special facilitations and discounts during the Tourism Fair in Belgrade. The offer includes the holiday packages in Turkey, Cyprus and Egypt and since this year, the offer has been expanded to a new destination, as well – Malta. It is always an attractive and interesting holiday and enjoyment destination, but also the one for visits to many historical features of this island country.

The hotel offer in Turkey is extremely plentiful and the most interesting ones for the family holiday are those from the group ’two children free of charge’, which is an outstanding facilitation beside the 45 percent discounts during the Tourism Fair.

Egypt as destination has been special for very good prices compared with the received services, for many years, in many high quality hotels at beautiful beaches and Cyprus is attractive due to the diverse hotel offer in major or minor cities, each of them offering something new and special.

By its offer diversity, 1 A Travel agency enabled all traveler categories to find the ideal option for their holidays and enjoyment at the beaches from Turkey to Malta.