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Kwazar Cleaning Equipment

February 6, 2018|HORECA|

The products of Kwazar company, the global leader in the spray bottles production, were available so far in 100 worldwide countries and can be bought now also in Serbia. At the International Hotel & Catering Equipment Fair HORECA, Kwazar spray bottles for professional chemicals from the CLEANING PRO + Series will be presented for the

Žabalj Sights

February 5, 2018|Tourism|

Žabalj Municipality territory was settled continuously from the New Stone Age to the present time. This is witnessed by many complexes located mostly at high terraces of the old Tisa bank, Jegrička and Small Pond.

Vranjska Spa

February 2, 2018|Tourism|

Vranjska Spa is located in Southern Serbia, 12 kilometers from Vranje, at the height of 380 m above sea level. It has got an outstanding convenient position, since it is just three kilometers far from the international highway E75 and two kilometers from the railway station. It is in the valley of the Banjštica river,

Maestro Travel

January 31, 2018|Tourism|

Maestro Travel agency is recognizable for its plentiful offer of summer holiday packages in Bulgaria. At the Black Sea coast, it offers to the tourists 14 destinations with more than 500 hotels.