At DDOR BG Car Show 07, RENAULT represents a completely renewed and young range of vehicles, which will be complemented at this year’s fair by a new star, the New CAPTUR model. The model, which arrived in the local market at the end of January, will now be premiered to a wider audience.

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DELTA MOTORS will showcase MINI models in Hall 3 at Belgrade Fair, which is in charge of premium brands. Aside from other brand representatives, visitors will be able to see MINI electric, whilst special fair discount will refer to MINI Cooper SD Countryman with a four-wheel drive.

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DELTA AUTO GRUPA boasts two companies – DELTA MOTORS, which is a general importer and distributor of BMW and MINI vehicles for the markets of Serbia and Montenegro, as well as BMW Motorrad program in Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia, and DELTA AUTOMOTO, a general representative and distributor of HONDA vehicles and motorcycles for the territories of Serbia and Montenegro.

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At this year’s BG Car Show, DACIA will showcase its range of vehicles complemented by attractive limited edition series. The star of the exhibition stand will be Duster Proud in a limited edition that has been launched to mark the 15th anniversary of the Dacia brand in Europe.

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DELTA MOTORS (member of Delta Auto Group), a general importer and distributor of BMW vehicles on Serbian and Montenegrin markets, will present its BMW program in the “premium hall” 3 at Belgrade Fair complete with other automotive premium brands.

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At this year’s DDOR BG Car Show 07, TRIO MOTORS, an authorized importer, seller and repairer of ISUZU vehicles, will showcase almost the entire D-Max range from the basic version in Single Cab configuration, Space Cab version to passenger and luxury Crew Cab variants in higher equipment packages.

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Oldtimer Show

This traditional event, which is a part of automobile and motorcycle event of Belgrade Fair, as well as a part of this 54th International Motor Show, is the International Tournament and Oldtimers Parade known as “The Memorial of Prince Tomislav Karadjordjevic” – an event that brings back memories and broadens one’s views.

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“Family Day” on Thursday, 28 March, 2019

Exclusive cars and motorcycles of the last generation, which are rarely seen even on TV, let alone on the street, an extraordinary program, stimulating financial conditions for potential buyers and nice weather are just some of the reasons as to why you should visit the 54th International Motor Show and 13th International Motopassion Motorcycles, Scooters, Quands and Equipment Show

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Ms Nevena Golubovic – Miss of the 54th Motor Show and 13th Motopassion

Competition for the MISS title, i.e., for the most beautiful hostess among the most beautiful hostesses, who make the car and motorcycle exhibition stands look even more beautiful not only because of their character or charm, but also because of their education is neither a minor nor less important part of an overall atmosphere that follows the 54th International

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At idle speed

The proof that the Motor Show and Motopassion are not “only” brilliant, luxurious, economical, costly and affordable to most, especially when it comes to safe or opulent cars or superb commercial and business arrangements that follow such a world event, is the fact that there are many other things on offer such as an extremely useful educational program, as

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