Vranjska Spa is located in Southern Serbia, 12 kilometers from Vranje, at the height of 380 m above sea level. It has got an outstanding convenient position, since it is just three kilometers far from the international highway E75 and two kilometers from the railway station. It is in the valley of the Banjštica river, at the base of Besna Kobila.

Vranjska Spa has been famous for a very long time for its thermal mineral curative springs. The spring temperature varies from 94 -110°C and in this respect it is one of the first European spas. The water is used for the treatment of all types of rheumatism, neurologic diseases, postoperative and posttraumatic conditions, skin and digestive system organs diseases.

At the hill above the park, there is St. Ilija Church, built taking as a model St. George Church on Oplenac. The road goes on to the viewpoint and the monument to the fallen fighters in the Second World War. There is a good view from the viewpoint to the Spa panorama, including the beautiful park with a fountain, clock tower, drinking fountains, a playground for children and rest homes. In the forest above the park, there is an arranged trim path suitable for trekking and biking.

Special Rehabilitation Hospital Vranjska Spa offers the treatment and accommodation services.

At 8km from Vranjska Spa, at the area of Prvonek village, there is the Prvonek water supply dam, with the construction height of 93 meters, one of the largest natural material dams in this part of Europe, but also the lake under the same name, 5 kilometers long. At the dam base, a bath point was built, a park, flour mill, school and mini hydro power station.